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Heiwa Co agency is a Non-Governmental Organization, NGO, that provides a particular service and assists shipowners, charterers, underwriters and administrations with ship safety projects and ship management audits since 1990 in order to ensure and to increase the value of their assets. Private citizens can use the services free of charge. Heiwa Co is very popular 2022!

Heiwa Co web site pages have been downloaded >2.886.000 times since 2000! The web site also publishes information about fake atomic bombs, fake human space travel, fake collapses of skyscrapers and fake news, etc. which apparently is of interest to the public. So what is safety?


Safety is the probability of no accident, thus technical, economical and human matters to quantify risk. High safety at sea starts with good ship crews and structural design, good arrangements to ensure watertightness, easy to use procedures, equipment and means to operate the ship and to evacuate crew and passengers in an accident to minimize effects of human errors. Then owners and ships' masters and crew keep up the safety. It is team work!

High safety ensures the value of the crew, cargo and ship. Safety in space is low ... so avoid space travel.

Safety at open sea is regulated by the International Maritime Organization, IMO, and its member states and their maritime administrations. The requirements of SOLAS, Marpol and other IMO safety and environmental conventions are generally highly prescriptive and not open to interpretation, so as to facilitate their uniform enforcement by different surveyors and different port States. In spite of this many administrations like Sweden, Italy and USA commit serious errors and contribute to unsafe and not seaworthy cruise ships and tankers operating. And they get away with it!

Safety at sea is then a human question - to keep up the good arrangements and to follow the procedures. The cost of high technical safety is small - it is just to get the arrangements right from the beginning, e.g. the Coulombi Egg tanker, FPSO IG systems , WTC towers on 911 or Costa Concordia 2012, the latter got it wrong, capsized and sank on some rocks, when staff opened illegal watertight doors. Keep it Simple, KIS, and you save money, protect your asset and improve safety! Right arrangements then simplifies for the ship's crew to maintain high safety.

Heiwa Co has a lot of experience in these important fields of ship design, conversions, up-grades to increase value and operation incl. crew training and motivation. Different ships are subject to different risks. Like structures on land. Flying planes into tops of skyscrapers is stupid as nothing will happen to the bottom. Prove Heiwa Co wrong and earn 1.000.000:- .

Safety is not just rules! Safety is also all new facts about past accidents that surface long after the accident, which many maritime administrations tend to neglect. Thus Heiwa Co investigates all new facts about past accidents to learn from them. You can never learn too little from an old accident, thus the Titanic accident 1912 is still of interest. And this is the reason for the Heiwa Co interest in the M/S Estonia accident 1994, the M/T Erika accident 1999, the M/T Prestige accident 2002 and the M/S Al Salam Boccaccio 98 accident 2006. And why not 911 - 2001? Or Costa Concordia - 2012

Evidently you cannot blame, fine and jail a ship master, when things go wrong at sea due to bad, inherent safety at sea!

 Anders Björkman

The managing director of Heiwa Co agency is Anders Björkman, M.Sc. Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, with more than 50 years experience of tanker and ferry design, construction and operations. Mr. Bjorkman has been a delegate to the IMO for various national administrations and one NGO and has been been a speaker at various Safety at Sea conferences. Mr. Bjorkman holds several patents concerned with ship safety. He also writes about fake a-bombs, false human clowns in space, mysterious structural collapses, etc. The Swedish government, its maritime administration and media consider Mr. Bjorkman an idiot and a terrorist!

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