The planned destruction of the complete NY World Trade Centre 11 September 2001 - it was an inside job

Stupid Americans believed that Arabs attacked USA 2001, because they believe 2024 what corrupt politicians tell them

by Anders Björkman (also at EMI, 2013, Evanston, IL)


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Below is my incorrectual (!) evidence of the 2001 911 hoax, based on personal research, critical thinking, common sense and good knowledge of structural, damage analysis.

This is what you saw on TV 2001!

One NY WTC tower top was on fire. It could never collapse from it's top crushing the soild bottom ! But then a second NY WTC tower caught fire! The two burning tops full of smoke decided then to crush the intact, solid bottom parts against all common sense. And a little later a third WTC7 tower decided to collapse from ... bottom up.

Clearly the three, empty (!) NY WTC towers #1, 2 and 7 were brought down by controlled demolitions September 2001!

WTC towers #1 & 2 did NOT collapse because of "office fires" started by "airplanes" crashing into the tops of the two towers. WTC towers #1 & 2 were pulverized into dust by extremely powerful explosions as seen live on TV and described below. Little rubble or debris from these two 110-story office buildings remained on the ground after the controlled demolitions. Pools of molten metal in the ground below the footprints of the two towers remained for days after the destruction of the two towers. A little later same day WTC tower #7 suddenly collapsed. That 2.610 Americans, including 243 persons in the airplanes, 343 fire fighters, 73 policemen or that total 2.996 persons died is not proven. Most victims were vaporized it was said. The whole thing was a prepared show inside a fenced off area. The buildings were empty = nobody died there!

Here is lucky survivor of the show! Mr. Howard Lutnick should have been on the 105th floor, when a fake airplane hit his WTC office and killed 658 of his fake employees of a company that never existed! So he wasn't and is just a cheap actor that survived to tell the lies. And FBI does nothing about it 18 years later. What a stupid, criminal show.

The US president and government quickly destroyed all crime scene evidence. No preserving what remained of the destroyed WTC towers for forensic examination took place. Instead the US president and his government announced that an Arab - Bin Laden - in Afghanistan had ordered the attack. Afghanistan and Bin Laden denied any involvement. And a little later US attacked Afghanistan, chased away the government, installed some puppets and murdered Bin Laden. The US War on Terror started. And it still goes on 2019! Or as my US friend Christopher Bollyn says:

As awful as the 9-11 terror atrocity was, the cover-up is worse because it means that our government and media are actively engaged in suppressing the truth and protecting the lies about the crime that brought us the War on Terror, the longest and most expensive war in U.S. history.

It should be clear that the ongoing 9-11 cover-up only benefits the criminal network behind the terror atrocity itself.

The cover-up is the focus of my research because it exposes the crime and the network behind it 

Bollyn points out that four different companies, three foreign owned, 'cleaned' up the 911 crime scene on behalf of Israeli interests. I do not agree - I think all was 100% done by Americans!

Nobody has 2001-2024 been brought to court and sentenced for having planned the destruction of the WTC complex at NY, USA. Of course US authorities have accused Arabs having done it, but there is no evidence for it. One reason is the following:

You can fly as many planes into tops of skyscrapers you like, but the only physical, structural damages will be the planes themselves and the tops of the skyscrapers. The only victims will be limited to the people in the planes and in the tops of the skyscrapers. Nobody will die below.

Trump (or somebody looking like him) tells the media how he killed a terrorist, his wives and children

(Note that at 42.13 in the video Trump says that WTC at NY was blown up 2001 = controlled demolition!!

Skyscrapers cannot collapse from tops down by gravity! The intact bottom structure keeping the tops in place is always too strong ... and remains intact.

Of course it was suggested that the weak top crushed the strong bottom. Only American idiots suggest and believe it.

US President Trump visited Afghanistan Thursday 28 November 2019 to dine (turkey!) with ~13 000 soldiers and meet his puppet Afghan president Astraf Ghani. Trump is at the same time discussing 'peace' with Afghan resistance Taleban (the pre-2001 government) that previous US presidents call 'terrorists'! Trump had a month earlier told media what he does with 'terrorists' in Iraq/Syria! He kills them. In cold blood. Trump (left) likes to talk about it! Already 20 years ago Trump wanted to kill Bin Laden. Now Trump wants to kill the son of Bin Laden. What a stupid person. 48 minutes of ... shit. He must be a paid actor!

Maybe Trump will one day understand that the present, tragic situation in Afghanistan is due to incompetent and criminal staff at various US departments and agencies back home at Washington/DC 2001? Taleban controls the country 2019 and the US soldiers are locked up in their bases like prisons
even if they can murder Afghans. Taleban simply demands all US soldiers leave the country!

US military losses against Afghan terrorists so far are >2 000 dead and >20 000 wounded with no victory in sight.

Trump maybe planned also to visit Iraq and his soldiers there Friday 29 November, but the US puppet Iraq president Adel Abdel-Mahdi resigned from office that day. US military losses against Iraqi terrorists and djihadists so far are >4 000 dead and >30 000 wounded with even less victory in sight.

So US has >6 000 KIAs and >50 000 WIAs in its wars against terror and the result is zero. And nobody gives a damn about it in America.

2019 most stupid, ignorant, idiotic Americans unfortunately believed, since 2001, that small airplanes, built of aluminium, can slice, at high speeds, undamaged (!), through skyscraper walls of steel columns and floors of concrete, then stop inside and, suddenly, explode in a fireball and that small, weak tops of skyscrapers later can suddenly drop down and transform the complete; big, strong, intact bottom part below into dust (!) by gravity (all started by some Arab terrorists) ... because US political leaders and media said so and showed it live on TV 2001 ... twice. But it was 100% Fake News!

Americans do not know that the strongest structural members of a skyscraper to resist a lateral (horizontal) high speed collision with an airplane are the horizontal floors! The floors of the skyscraper slice, like knives, the plane's body into small pieces that cannot do any further damages to vertical supports (internal pillars). The wings of the plane will be detached and bounce against the intact wall columns ... and drop down on ground.

The Japanese know it because they build 1 000's of skyscrapers full of people everywhere between Tokyo and Fukuoka and no such skyscrapers will collapse from top down. But the Japanese cannot say so, as it will upset the fools in USA!

Americans and Japanese do not understand that 911, 2001, was a silly Amarican/Hollywood example of a hoax of staged events and media deception, a pre-recorded show, when and where nobody died! What was seen live on TV was a simple Hollywood style film with footage using actors to play roles of people running around to allow the US president, vice president, secretary of state, national security council, defence, etc, to scare the Americans, so they could start and lose wars of aggression in many places on Earth! The show and wars are still going on. Actually it started much earlier.

The United States has 2019 spent nearly $6 trillion on wars that directly contributed to the deaths of around 500.000 people since the 9/11 attacks of 2001. 

So how was the WTC pulverized? What about an advanced energy weapon technology being used destroying cars parked far away? Or were nukes used? Or was it built-in explosives? Fact remains that there are many suggestions what happened and about the cover up than mine presented below. And what about the smoke that has killed 1000's of people since 2001 and kills people today? I just demonstrate that no top of a structure of any kind can destroy the intact bottom of same structure by gravity. It is the Björkman axiome!


11 September 2019 - 18 years of lies

The more I read about the US government investigations of the 911 incidents 2001, it seems USA and their allies are trolling people to see just how much they can get away with. There are major anomalies and lots of red flags everywhere. To me it is clear that the complete WTC complex at New York was destroyed by particular US interests using explosives. The story of Arabs hijacking planes and crashing them 911 2001 is ridiculous and unbelievable. No structures like WTC 1&2 collapse from top into dust by gravity. And no structure is destroyed like WTC6 with rubble falling on its roof.

I have evidently informed the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI, several times at Washington DC, Paris, France (legal attachés at US embassy) and Albuquerque, New Mexico about my findings shown below and provided names of American terrorists involved. The FBI has refused to look into the matter.


FBI has so far, 2019, not been able to arrest any indivuduals, incl. UBL, responsible for the 911 attacks 2001, so no trials have been held! Of course some Arabs (or Pakistanis?) are held by US military at the US Gitmo prision on Cuba but no trials have been held. President Obama ordered the murder of UBL at Pakistan, so FBI has problems to arrest him. President Trump is busy making deals with Kim of North Korea or reinforcing sanctions against Iran and Russia and has forgotten 911.

FBI seems to support terrorism and has therefore for the first time ever, 2019, been sued by 9/11 family members and advocates that are taking legal action against the FBI. They aim at forcing the Bureau to assess and report the evidence known to the FBI of the World Trade Center’s explosive demolition as well as other unreported 9/11 evidence, etc. 

The current Director of FBI is Christopher A. Wray, who assumed the role on August 2, 2017, taking over from Acting Director Andrew McCabe after the dismissal of former Director James Comey by President Donald Trump. In the past the Director briefed the President on any issues that arose from within the FBI until the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004 was enacted following the September 11 attacks. Since then, the Director reports in an additional capacity to the Director of National Intelligence, as the FBI is also part of the United States Intelligence Community. This is one reason why nobody has since 2001 been brought to justice anywhere about the 911 case. The main, alleged Saudi perpetrator, Mr. Bin Laden, was murdered by a US hit man at the order of the POTUS (Obama) and his corps dropped into the Indian ocean! A lot is military secrets. Media presstitutes just report what they are told to report. There is no evidence of anything 911, which is more evidence of Fake News.

All persons associated with the 911 cover up since 2001 are therefore in my and Christoper Bollyn opinion simple criminals guilty of complicity in fraud starting with the US Presidents at the top. Fraud is deliberate deception to secure unfair or unlawful gain and complicity is the participation in a completed criminal act of an accomplice, a partner in the crime who aids or encourages other perpetrators of that crime, and who shared with them intent to act to complete the crime. To fool people with false information about the 911 incidents is a crime. And USA is responsible for this crime and fraud until the real Truth is found. I wonder when it will happen. Only a deranged person believes anything any US government says today.



Summary 2019 

An image can only be considered, at best, as a virtual copy of reality. It cannot be used to prove the real-world occurrence of what it purports to depict. Any moviegoer knows that. Only a madman would contend that the 'Empire State building' (in fact, a digital depiction thereof) seen exploding and collapsing top-down in the 1996 movie "Independence Day" PROVES that it was actually destroyed in reality… On 9/11, we were shown two skyscrapers collapsing on TV in almost identical fashion (top-down). As it is, none of the extant and wildly contradictory images depicting these two physically inexplicable collapses proves that the event occurred as shown. Au contraire: its inconsistent, artificial and non-physical aspects strongly support the thesis that what was shown on TV on 9/11 was nothing but a "Hollywood-style" production - from start to finish.

Simon Shack   


(a) IN GENERAL.- Congress affirms that the authority of the President to use all necessary and appropriate force pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107-40; 50 U.S.C. 1541 note) includes the authority for the Armed Forces of the United States to detain covered persons (as defined in subsection (b)) pending disposition under the law of war.

(b) COVERED PERSONS. - A covered person under this section is any person as follows: 

(1) A person who planned, authorized, committed, or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001, or harbored those responsible for those attacks.

(2) A person who was a part of or substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taleban, or associated forces that are engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners, including any person who has committed a belligerent act or has directly supported such hostilities in aid of such enemy forces.

National Defence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 

Z. Bazant, US terrorist

It would appear Prof. Z. Bazant (left) and others mentioned below suggesting towers collapse into dust from top and become dust are COVERED PERSONS to be detained as per above US law. You wonder why they are still at large. Is the President or the staff of the Armed Forces of the United States sleeping? Again?

Anders Björkman 

There was no investigation of 9/11. Indeed, the White House resisted any inquiry at all for one year despite the insistent demands from the 9/11 families. NIST did not investigate anything. NIST simply constructed a computer model that was consistent with the government's story. The 9/11 Commission simply sat and listened to the government's explanation and wrote it down. These are not investigations. 

Paul Craig Roberts

Like all the great religions of the past, The
Nutwork presents a choice to us all: believe our stories or live in doubt. While their stories seem rather silly to us, they give feelings of security and purpose to others. These stories are the gospel of the religion of normality, if you will. You cannot be normal if you don't believe in this gospel. You cannot function in society like your friends and family if you don't believe in this gospel. You can't just stop believing in the gospel of normality, because doing so would mean you have to find different answers to all the questions the gospel answered before. The gospel covers a massive emptiness in people. I can understand why people refuse to question it.

The RideNeverEnds


Warning 1

Media and readers of my web pages about atomic bombs 1945, moon trips 1969, M/S Estonia ferry incident 1994 and 911 tower top down terrorist collapses 2001 (this one) are warned. You probably suffer from cognitive dissonance and cannot handle my information without getting mentally disturbed with serious consequences.

My proven facts are simple and correct and good news. Atomic bombs do not work. Humans cannot travel to the Moon. M/S Estonia didn't lose her bow visor. Skyscrapers do not collapse into dust from top down (as explained below). All information to the contrary is pseudoscience, propaganda lies or fantasies promoted by media and taught at universities. And if you do not agree with the official lies, you will not be allowed at the university boat race* and other silly events, etc. Your position in society is at risk.

If you suffer from cognitive dissonance, you no doubt find my info disturbing and get upset, angry, anxious or worried. What to believe and write? Old lies or real truth?

Media incl. newspaper chief editors are kindly requested to get psychological assistance to get rid of their cognitive dissonance. Why not cure yourself? And publish the result as a scoop.

*Safety at sea is my business

 Warning 2 of pseudo science

Have you heard about Trofim Lyssenko? He was the inventor of pseudo science around 1930! Stalin loved him.

The WTC towers were never hit by planes 911 as no structure can collapse into dust from top down. The show was invented by Clinton Lyssenko and directed by Hollywood. US authorities and Tex W Lyssenko support them and that is serious. It is very easy to fool people that, e.g. some Arabs with planes destroyed the WTC towers. When criminals like US professors of civil engineering and structural engineers at US NIST/ASCE later support terrorism, I start to get worried.

When historic fiction or myths become more truthful than historic facts, it makes you wonder who is directing the manipulations of the masses. Who are promoting all these Lyssenkos of NY skyscrapers disappearing in dust 911 2001? What kind of human beings are creating this shit? And why? Answer! Money! It started 1945 with the a-bomb! It continued with the space race! And it will happen again 2019 onwards!

The planned destruction of the complete NY World Trade Centre by US conspirators on 11 September 2001; the conspiracy theory of Prof. Bazant and NIST

Weak top of the WTC 1 skyscraper ... already only dust ... crushes the intact, solid bottom of the same skyscraper below by gravity ... live on TV ... into more dust ... at free fall speed in front of the intact WTC 7 skyscraper. All photos are falsifications published by the perpetrators on the social network to fool people. WTC 7 five hours later later completely collapsed by itself ...


Natural intelligence displayed by humans is very easy to manipulate by fake information of all sorts. Fake information always starts as fake news published by media. At my website here I present several examples of fake information:

August 1945 media published information to the effect that two small cities in Japan had been destroyed by atomic bombs killing 100.000's of Japanese. The result was that Japan could surrender and that WW2 could be ended without any loss of face. But no atomic bombs exploded anywhere. It was Fake News!

April 1961 media published information to the effect that a Soviet cosmonaut had orbited Earth in outer space and that the Soviet Union had won the space race against the USA. But no cosmonauts were ever in space. It was Fake News!

September 1994 media published information to the effect that an Estonian ferry, M/S Estonia, had sunk in the Baltic killing ~1.000 persons due to the bow visor having fallen off. But no bow visor fell off anywhere. It was Fake News!

September 2001 media published information to the effect that some Arabs had crashed airplanes into the World Trade Centre at New York City destroying it and killing 1000's of persons. It was Fake News! The result was that USA could start and lose a war against terror killing people anywhere that still goes on 2019.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new discipline developed by humans to ensure that human fake information can be established as historic facts without further discussions and taught as such at schools and universities. My website is an attempt to show that Artificial intelligence (AI) is nonsense.

All information about New York skyscrapers collapsing (?) from top down - small but strong tops crushing intact, big bottoms - full of people September 11, 2001, in fountains of smoke and dust (!) as shown live on all US TV channels and, then, disappearing in small heaps of rubble was 100% false! It was Fake News! The US government had of course produced similar, stupid shows before - 1945 and 1969.

There is, first, no way an airplane of aluminium at high speed can penetrate a wall of steel columns at the top of a skyscraper, then stop and explode inside.

WTC 1 intact skyscraper being crushed by its own top (already smoke and dust) into more dust by gravity on 911 2001. You can see the intact bottom part. After a few seconds it is also crushed by the top dust above into more dust! WTC 7 is intact in front. Five hours later WTC 7 also suddenly collapsed. The photo is fake

The steel columns backed by floors are too strong and the floors will slice the airplane's body intosmall pieces and dislocate the wings. Most parts should bounce away and drop down on the ground. But this didn't happened.

Mysterious planes were twice on 911 recorded on film slicing with their wings through the walls of the skyscrapers and disappearing, undamaged, through holes followed by balls of fires!

Second, there is no way that a small top part of a structure can crush the big, intact bottom of same structure by gravity ... into dust! The intact bottom part is too strong.

Controlled demolition (using e.g. 250 off 3.000 kg composition H6 charges fitted just outside the elevator shafts in the core at every fourth floor and triggered from top down) is a possibility. Then the structure becomes ... dust! ... as shown on all available videos and footage, e.g. left! The top has already become ... dust!

But that footage is fake!

According to the fake footage the bottom structure became dust at free fall speed, left!

You cannot do structural damage analysis using fake footage! So experts suggesting the top crushed the bottom lied.

All footage and videos showing airplanes flying through skyscraper walls, and then, both skyscrapers structure becoming fountains of dust live on TV were produced before hand to produce fear! A solid steel/concrete structure cannot become dust! The footage of dust fountains is ridiculous, where apparently solid parts - wall or floor sections - become dust when dropping down - at free fall speed.

Terror is great fear or an instant of great fear and a terrorist is a person using violence to cause terror for political purposes.

By whom? By the conspirators responsible for the fake footage destructions, of course. Reason is simple: Structures always collapse by gravity from bottom up and do not end up as dust! And airplanes cannot slice through skyscraper walls!

This web page of mine explains all about the lies of the US 911 NIST investigation.

I pay anyone €1 milllion proving me wrong!

I am a serious, structural engineer using critical thinking to get around. I can assure you that crazy, Islamic terrorists flying airplanes into and damaging the weak top of skyscrapers cannot in the process destroy the strong, intact bottom of the skyscraper into dust, which keeps the weak top in place.

I think the whole incident was an inside job by US interests to start wars all over the world, i.e. US attacking innocent onlookers:

"Naturally the common people don't want war. But after all, it is the leaders of a country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag people along whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. This is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and for exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country."

Herman Göring


Some very silly people disagree - they are paid to support the 911 conspirators.

A structure cannot be one-way crushed-down from above by a weak upper piece of itself driven by gravity started by terrorists ... as shown 'live on TV'!

No structures of any kind, incl. NY skyscrapers, collapse into dust from top down by gravity and the parts of the structure cannot disappear into thin air as dust.

I am not alone to suggest that a light, weak top of any structure cannot globally crush or make collapse by gravity the heavy, strong bottom of the structure below keeping it in place for 30 years into rubble, smoke and dust in 30 seconds.

Some of my supporters are A, B, C, D and E.

Photo right shows what happens when the top has crushed the bottom of the structure according US terrorists supported by media

The bottom walls that are part of the bottom of the structure remain standing ... and there is no rubble seen anywhere. All floors have become dust!

The photo is evidently a fake. If the top would have crushed the bottom, there should have been a >50+ meters pile of solid floors on the ground hiding everything.

The bottom walls of the WTC 1 tower - floors 0 - 6 - were never crushed from above and could be seen still standing (no floors!) on 911 with no 'rubble' or 'dust' around but with WTC 6 behind ... with a hole in it ... and WTC 7 further behind totally destroyed ... the photo is a fake

The picture is silly photo shop! So the person fabricating the photo must be associated with the conspirators!

Left is a plan of the WTC 1-7 complex.

Above is a fake photo with smoke and a big white crane of the WTC 1-7 complex just after complete destruction 2001. So what really happened?

Did two planes flown by Arabs slice into and land inside the WTC 1/2 towers to start destruction? Did the WTC 1/2 towers suddenly become dust by a secret weapon? What happened?

At 8.45 am WTC 1 exploded up at the top close to the roof. It was later suggested a mysterious plane hit its north wall. At 9.03 am WTC 2 exploded at the top in a big fireball seen live on TV - another mysterious airplane hit its south wall, it was suggested! At 9.04 am WTC 6 exploded down at the ground and caught fire and NYFD started to extinguish it seen on many videos. At 9.35 am a mysterious airplane or drone crashed into the Pentagon, Washington, DC, far away south we are told, and put it on fire. According a source two fire trucks arrived after 10 minutes and extinguished the fire but according Fake News media the fire lasted several days down at DC with plenty actors running around. Imagine, mysterious explosions took place both at NY and Washington, DC, at about the same time caused by mysterious planes that, some people suggest, never existed!! At 10.05 am WTC 2 collapsed from top in a fountain of smoke and dust. At 10.28 am WTC 1 also collapsed from top in a fountain of smoke and dust. At 5.20 pm WTC 7 collapsed from bottom up into a pile of floors stacked on top of each other. 

Below is another fake view of the smoky WTC 1-7 complex with a big, mysterious white crane messing around in the debris and dust taken from the North probably by a helicopter. The smoke is still smouldering. All dust has blown away! The photo is 100% fakery. How could the big white crane be there? Four different companies, three foreign owned, 'cleaned' up the crime scene!

The perfectly symmetrical and total destructions of three commercial high rise office buildings on 11 September 2001 and the complete WTC 1-7 complex seen on various, fake footage - origin of which must be discussed - can only be explained as controlled demolition of the whole lot, requiring a considerable amount of advance planning, preparation, expertise and access. But it is not described below. Below is what not happened.

I am convinced that the POTUS 2001 ordered the falsifications of all 911 investigations of all kind, incl. the structural analysises done by NIST, and that the fakery should be kept secret forever by an Executive order to this effect backed up by laws to prevent any whistle blowers to tell the truth as described below.

The complete incidents should of course have been treated as strange accidents to be investigated by the US National Traffic Safety Board (NTSB). It was established in 1967 to conduct independent investigations of all civil aviation accidents in the United States and major accidents in the other modes of transportation. However, NTSB have never investigated how four airplanes could suddenly crash on 911.

Instead the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) oversaw the investigations of the World Trade Center destructions into dust and the Pentagon crash. FEMA was given the sole authority to investigate the incidents despite the fact that it is not an investigative agency and has never investigated an aviation accident. In effect, it functioned to prevent any genuine investigation. Normally FEMA just supports citizens and emergency personnel to build, sustain, and improve the US capability to prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from, and mitigate hazards of all kind.

For both the Pentagon and WTC crime scenes FEMA selected a volunteer panel of investigators from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to create reports that bolstered the government's account of the attack. In both cases FEMA controlled the scope and parameters of the investigations and agreed to everything the government suggested. The ASCE reports explaining the structural collapses of three skyscrapers at NY have later been considered nonsense. Not a word about the structures turning into dust on strange footage! Later the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) was asked to explain the sudden, structural collapses of the WTC complex. These reports can also be considered nonsense ... or propaganda.

I am therefore convinced that the United States and key allies and partners 2017 use disinformation and propaganda to undermine the national security objectives of Sweden, France and other countries that are deemed vulnerable to fake news campaigns.

I worked in Japan 1972/6 and was impressed by its shipbuilding technology then. I assistede a little! When shipbuilding declined, Japan started to build hundreds of skyscrapers at Tokyo. It is a very big business 2019. Basically just steel beams being screwed together to solid cages filled with offices and apartments. And all Japanese civil engineers know that none of the Tokyo skyscrapers with a view of mount Fuji above can collapse into dust from top down 911 style and become dust. But the Japanese cannot say so publicly! Reason why they shut up 1945 and are silent 2017 is ... the fake bomb! 

By the way - it is 2018 the Islamic Republic of Iran that was guilty for 911 2001!

Of course within a day of 9/11 Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda, the Taleban, Saddam Hussein and Iraq were accused of being guilty without any evidence. Subsequently it became an undisputed “fact” that Osama Bin Laden orchestrated the whole thing from a cave in Afghanistan.

912 2001 USA informed its NATO partners that USA had been attacked by a foreign power based in Afghanistan and on 5 October 2001 USA and NATO attacked Afghanistan ... not the Islamic Republic of Iran ... and that war is still on 2019. The US war on terror started. August 2019 there is no end to it. It goes on at Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Mali, etc. Nobody cares. But what about Iran?

Fact remains however that only the Islamic Republic of Iran has May 2018 been sentenced to pay more than $10.5 billion because they were found guilty for 9/11...

The US court used for “evidence” the wonderful (undisputed) work of the 911-report that determined that the official story could have been true, because the laws of physics were suspended, etc, bla, etc, bla, bla, bla.

The 9/11 Commission claimed that some of the reported hijackers had travelled through Iran. Of course according to the official story they also travelled through the US, and the CIA and FBI had advance knowledge of the coming attacks...

On 9 March 2016, a US civil court ruled that Iran must pay the victims of 9/11 more than $10.5 billion in fines:

The Ashton plaintiffs are awarded a default judgment against Iran in the amount of $7,494,720,000. The Federal Insurance plaintiffs are awarded a default judgment against Iran in the amount of $3,040,998,426.03.

The full Fiona Havlish 22 December 2011 verdict by the court shows how the guilt of Iran was established. Fiona Havlish is a victim of USAma Bin Laden (sic!), Al Qaeda/Islamic Army, the Taleban, Muhammad Omar, the Islamic Republic of Iran & Co. Of the 56 pages of Fiona's accusations a relatively large amount is dedicated to explaining that Iran has been supporting terrorism for decades, because they see the USA, not Fiona, as the enemy.

The first listed defendant is USAma Bin Laden (sic!)... 

Following is then a description of some of the shocking “evidence” of the court document. The most important “evidence” appears to be what former Iranian intelligence agent Abolghasem Meshabi had to say.

They also used for “evidence” the confessions of the “terrorists” that were tortured into confessing at Guantanamo Bay (and similar locations) - CIA Torture report. 

There are also some, probably psychic, US expert witnesses that explain that in their “expert” opinion, Iran was behind it all (case closed - $10.5 billion...), including: Daniel L. Byman, Janice L. Kephart, Patrick Clawson, Claire M. Lopez, Bruce D. Tefft, and Ronen Bergman.

 Nr. 122 – The cunning Iranian border authorities didn’t stamp the passports of the terrorists, because otherwise this group of 19 Muslim extremists would have drawn attention of the US authorities.

 Nr. 154/155 - Ex Iranian intelligence agent Abolghasem Meshabi in 2008 testified that Iran in 1985-1986 devised plans to crash a hijacked Boeing into the WTC and Pentagon (in 1976 the US had already detailed a plan to crash a passenger plane into the WTC, but never mind the facts...).

Nr. 158/159 - From 1996-2000, Abolghasem Meshabi was a government informant in Germany, after escaping Iran, and helped to get Iran sentenced for several acts of terror. 

Nr. 169-174 – On 23 July 2001, Abolghasem Meshabi was informed that the plan (which included crashing a hijacked Boeing into the WTC and/or Pentagon) would be executed soon and immediately informed German authorities.

Nr. 176-178 – On 13 August 2001, Abolghasem Meshabi was informed that the hijacked Boeing crash into the WTC and/or Pentagon would be executed soon and he again informed German authorities.

Nr. 181-182 – On 13 September 2001, Abolghasem Meshabi informed German authorities that 9/11 was performed by Iran. 

Nr. 183-186 – Since September 2001, Abolghasem Meshabi tried to inform US authorities that 9/11 was performed by Iran, but nobody would take his message.

Nr. 187-189 – Abolghasem Meshabi finally achieved in reaching “investigative journalist” Kenneth Timmerman, and told him that 9/11 was performed by Iran. Timmerman confirmed this “highly reliable” witness testimony (Timmerman was even used as expert witness).

Nobody was there to defend the accused parties, i.e. the defendants. I doubt Fiona ever contacted them.

The same judge that pronounced Iran guilty, George B. Daniels, had on 29 September 2015 ruled that Saudi Arabia can’t be sued because it has sovereign immunity.

On 14 March 2016, Iran’s Foreign Ministry said Iran won’t pay, because: 

The ruling is ludicrous and absurd to the point that it makes a mockery of the principle of justice while [it] further tarnishes the US judiciary’s reputation. 

Iran’s state media summarised the US court decision with: 

The court ruling is based on the 9/11 Commission Report which stated that some attackers moved through Iran and did not have their passports stamped.

The verdict comes as none of the 19 hijackers on September 11 were Iranian citizens. Fifteen were from Saudi Arabia, while two from the United Arab Emirates and one each from Egypt and Lebanon. 

On 23 May 2013, FBI Agent Daniel A. Mehochko was honoured for his report in which he explained that the events of 9/11: provided an unprecedented opportunity for a strategic rapprochement between the United States and Iran.

Iran didn’t even claim that 9/11 was nothing but a false flag …

At the January 2002 Afghanistan Donors Conference in Tokyo, Iran even pledged $540 million in assistance for the new Afghan puppet government, compared to the $290 million committed by the United States.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) of Trump backer Sheldon Adelson also pushes for the war against Iran. Adelson discussed the strategy to make the most out of the Las Vegas false flag with Donald Trump and Jared Kushner on 3 October.

This means that Iran can be found liable for every terrorist attack for which Hezbollah, Hamas and Osama Bin Laden had already been “proven” guilty. 

The FDD explains that it’s unreasonable that Iran didn’t pay after it was sentenced to pay more than $56 billion to American terror victims.

On 20 April 2016, the US Supreme Court ruled that nearly $2 billion in frozen Iranian government funds must be turned over to injured survivors and families of Americans killed in several terrorist attacks for which Iran was found liable by US courts. Even after this $2 billion has been paid (how much went to the lawyers... ?) Iran still owes $53 billion in outstanding federal court judgments to American victims of “Iranian terrorism”. 

Other terror attacks for which Iran has been found guilty in US courts of law are:

The April 1983 “Hezbollah” truck bomb that killed 63 people, including 17 Americans, at the US Embassy in Beirut.

The October 1983 “Hezbollah” truck bomb at a US Marines barracks in Beirut, killing 241 US service members.

The abduction and torture in Lebanon of US citizens working in Beirut in the 1980s, by “Hezbollah”

The April 1995 and February 1996 murders of 5 US citizens in 2 bombings of Israeli buses, for which Khamenei was found personally responsible.

The June 1996 killing of 19 US servicemen by a truck bomb at Khobar Towers, a US military base in Saudi Arabia. It was decided that the attack was “approved by Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran at the time”.

The July 1997 “Hamas” bombing of an outdoor market in Jerusalem that killed a US citizen. The Iranian government, its Ministry of Information and Security, and Khamenei were liable. 

The August 1998 truck bombings that destroyed US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killing more than 300 and wounding over 5,000. 

The October 2000 bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen killed 17 US sailors and Yemen exposed this as a false flag done by the USA. A US court established a $6.1 billion judgment against Iran, but Iran refused to pay.

On 25 May 2016, the US court ruled that victims of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, wouldn´t get (part of) the $2.1 billion that Royal Dutch Shell rightfully owed Iran, but couldn´t pay because of the sanctions.

Maybe Shell would rather keep the $2.1 billion…The US District Court in New York decided that Royal Dutch Shell doesn´t conduct a “continuous and systematic” business in the state of New York, so has no jurisdiction.

So much for US justice and Iran. Why can't they sort it out in friendly arbitration?


The article is quite long and divided into sections as follows:

0.1 It is very easy to fool people using propaganda

0.2 The US war on terror

0.3 Introduction

1. 1 The explanation - major problems - no evidence of (1) buckled columns, (2) free fall, (3) impact, (4) shock Wave or (5) rigid body of an upper part C or mass

1.1.1 What is a buckled column?

1.1.2 fake assumptions

1.1.3 No initiating events recorded on (fake) video

1.1.4 Does gravity destroy steel structures?

1.1.5 Free fall and collision impact

1.1.6 Upper part remains intact?

1.2 Missing evidence - Why wasn't the upper part locally damaged?

1.3 What you would expect to happen

1.4 Why global collapse will not occur (in layman's terms)

1.5 Analysis of collapse initiation, progressive collapse and collapse arrest - The masses get entangled - friction forces absorb the released energy

1.6 What really happened

 2.1 The fake theory and the misleading assumptions

 3.1 Tower structure - a bird cage

 4.1 Collapse scenario and cause of collapse - buckled columns - lack of evidence

 5.1 Arrangements at floors 94-98 of WTC 1

 6.1 The towers were built very strong in the 1960's

 7.1 No release of potential energy due to downward movement - influence of heat

 8.1 Let's do a model test!

 9.1 Elastic strain energy absorbed by primary structure below and its compression

10.1 Elastic strain energy of the mass/primary structure/block above

11.1 The hammer and the nail

11.2 The floors falling down - upper part not rigid!

12 Conclusions

If you find any errors just tell me Anders Björkman - and they will be corrected.

The path of failures producing structural collapses is always from bottom up. The structural members and/or their connections fail in sequence. It is also explained at 1.18.50 h.m.s. in DVD2 - a film about the 911 incident.

And all structural members like walls, floors, etc, remain after bottom up collapse - just disconnected and deformed. They should not turn into dust! I therefore do not believe in a US conspiracy theory, that 15 Saudi and 4 other Arabs conspired to destroy three NY skyscrapers by flying hijacked planes into the weak tops of two of them, so that later the three complete skyscrapers collapsed from top down becoming smoke and dust as seen 'live on (faked) TV' 9/11 2001.

It is a real pity that US law enforcement authorities like the FBI and professional groups like the American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE, do not understand this allowing US military terrorists to kill innocent people in a war on terror for more than 15 years. Reason is that US Department of War organized 9/11 at home to keep itself in business abroad. 


0.1 It is very easy to fool people using propaganda

Note the reporter with the suit and nicely combed blonde hair in above Propaganda video that just happened to be in perfect camera view when BOTH tower collapse sequences were shot by his video camera man. The video - a live TV reportage! - is apparently pre-recorded with a fake background - the collapsing towers - as no structure can collapse into dust as shown! It is done like this! Easy, isn't it?

It is then very easy to fool people using propaganda created by evil magicians. Picture right is another example. It illustrates what is alleged to have happened to the Twin Towers in NYC 9/11 2001.

A plane makes a hole in the weak top and the light weight, intact top part C above suddenly crushes the much stronger bottom part A into dust, smoke and rubble by gravity. Finally intact top part C is destroyed in contact with the rubble on the ground. Nobody would ever believe that it could happen in the real world but there exist many videos of the 9/11 progressive collapses. They are all fake, Computer Generated Images, CGI, to create an illusion.

This presentation has been filed with the NATIONAL SEPTEMBER 11 MEMORIAL AND MUSEUM at the World Trade Center - NY, NY. , but you will not find it there. Ask Joe Daniels, , why it is so and copy me any reply


I have prepared a Power Point Presentation (you have to open it with Microsoft PowerPoint) from footage shown "live on TV" how the WTC1 (North Tower) roof (above floor #110) of the rigid and intact top part C drops six floors to floor #104, while at same time nothing happens to the structure below floor #92, i.e. bottom part A.

Fake smoke on top of the roof also drops (!) six floors, while more smoke is added to simulate ejection of smoke of the top six floors being compressed.

Officially the complete top part C remained rigid and intact and crushed the intact bottom structure as a hammer hitting a nail. Here the roof drops into the top (hammer) that is compressed and nothing happens below floor #92 (nail). Actually the footage is simple Computer Generated Images done by the conspirators to impress the president, CIA, FBI and other stupid observers. The windows of the top wall of the tower just below the roof are not correct, either.

All footage of the WTC collapses, shown on TV numerous times, on and on, are fake and simple media fakery propaganda (
source) to really brainwash the US sheeple:

1. The 9/11 imagery shown live on TV was nothing but a Hollywood-style film production, complete with actors in the role of 'eye-witnesses' or 'fire fighters', staged 'running crowds', 3D-compositing and special cinematic effects. The few clips featuring 'airplanes' (or dull silhouettes thereof) were computer-generated images. If you ask me who directed the movie I suggest James Cameron that made Titanic: "I realized that (the film) "Titanic" gave us help in interpreting the new disaster, in exploring the feelings of loss and anger."

2. No commercial airliners were hijacked or - much less - crashed into the WTC towers, the Pentagon or the Shanksville field. No valid/verifiable records exist for their airport logs/schedules, their numbered parts, their alleged passengers. Their reported speeds at near sea-level as well as the absurd visuals of their total, effortless disappearance into the WTC façades defy the laws of mechanics and physics.  

3. The World Trade Center Complex (9 buildings in all) were demolished with powerful explosives, while the Hollywood show was broadcasted on TV. The WTC 1&2 towers were then demolished from bottom up. The fast POUFF, POUFF top down collapses shown on TV producing dust and smoke were Hollywood style 3D-compositing and special cinematic effects. No structures can collapse into dust as shown!

4. No "3000" people were trapped in the top floors/nor perished in the WTC towers. The buildings were empty! 

Here are another four examples of the top collapse of the North Tower/WTC1 and what follows provided by NIST. (roof drops at start of clip) (roof drops at start of clip) (roof drops at 1:10) (roof drops at 5:07)

Note the following:

5. All four photographers are - for whatever reason - still roaming in the vicinity of the WTC complex at 10:28am (a full 29 minutes after the earlier WTC2 collapse at 9:59am). This, in spite of the officially reported 'total evacuation' of Lower Manhattan - which, reportedly, was initiated soon after the alleged "plane crashes" - one hour or so earlier.

6. All four photographers, no matter how far they are standing from each other / and from the WTC, are pretty much LATERALLY aligned with each other. The LATERAL perspectives of the four shots - although not perfectly identical - are quite remarkably similar.

7. All four photographers have their four camera-lenses coincidentally trained on the top of WTC1 - at a high zoom level (close-up view) - JUST as WTC1 started to fall. This, in spite of having no possible foreknowledge of the WTC1's sudden collapse - and in spite of WTC2 having collapsed 29 minutes earlier. They all just waited around for half-an-hour, a few hundred yards away from the WTC complex, filming away (undisturbed by the ongoing evacuation).

8. All four photographers (quite coincidentally...) decided to perform a manual or motorized zoom-out motion - within seconds of the WTC1 collapse inititations - and quite successfully so (all four zoom out motions being remarkably progressive and smooth - with minimal amounts of camera shake or motion blur).

9. All four photographers have nerves of steel - and remained calm and composed while all around them, screaming people were running away from the scene in dire panic.

Evidently all four videos of structures turning into dust are fake! They are made in Hollywood! But by whom?

"9/11 was a psyop (psychological operation) - a military operation of deception and denial. This operation was a total, complete event conceived years in advance and designed to be managed over generations."

Here is a real video showing what happens when you try to demolish a tower from bottom up.

There are many professional photographers involved in the hoax. They happily helped to create propaganda. They were paid (!) for it. Just ask them who paid them and ... FBI can arrest the conspirators!

There are also several videos made by allegedly private, amateur citizens depicting people staring in awe from afar at the smoking towers - so you get the impression that thousands of New Yorkers had a "grandstand view" of the WTC drama - and that many amateur photographers were tranquilly strolling around on that sunny morning, mostly aiming their lenses at people's horrified faces and expressions... but whenever there are views of the smoking WTC towers, they appear to have been digitally inserted into the scenery in the background ... and also inserting people in the foreground to add to the action. It would appear that ALL amateur videos of WTC 911 on fire and collapses are also false. Imagine that. What a great US effort to blame 911 on some poor Arabs. Note that the plane (#175) has different collision speeds in different videos!

Propaganda is ideas or statements that are fake or exaggerated and that are spread in order to help a cause, a political leader, a government, etc. The alleged atomic bomb explosions over remote Japanese towns Hiroshima and Nagasaki 1945 are early examples. Evidently the towns were destroyed by napalm terror bombing raids but US propaganda suggested US atomic bombs had exploded. Nobody could really verify it and the propaganda became historic truth. Same with US human space travel to the Moon 1969-1972. US propaganda suggested it took place and it became historic truth. And 911 was created in the same way. US propaganda suggested 9/11 2001 was done by some Arab terrorists and it became historic truth. Reason was that US could start its War on Terror and make money out of it. History thus repeats itself. One fake event after another and people believe the events really happened just because media make sensations out of them. 


0.2 The US war on terror

USA is 2017 going bankrupt in its war on terror! Forbes reports that one million US soldiers have been injured in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars at tremendous costs ... and little has been won. RT reports that the cost of keeping each US soldier and there are plenty in Afghanistan has risen from $1.3 million per soldier to $2.1 million per soldier ... and the war is lost. Matthew J. Nasuti reports in the Kabul Press that it costs US taxpayers $50 million to kill one Taleban soldier. That means it will cost $1 billion to kill 20 Taleban fighters. Of course that cost is included in the cost of keeping US soldiers in Afghanistan. Plenty of that money ends up in the Afghan president's pockets. The US war in Afghanistan was finally lost 2014. But few realize it. So it goes on and on. Hillary and Donald cannot do much about it.

The US war on terror is a war that can be won only at the cost of the total bankruptcy of the United States. And one little reason is that US law enforcement authorities like the FBI and professional groups like the American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE, do not understand that a structure cannot be one-way crushed-down from above by a weak upper piece of itself driven by gravity. It seems a lost cause to help USA.

I was invited to Evanston, IL, in August 2013 to explain all this again, in person at the EMI, 2013, conference. Hopefully, FBI planned to attend and listen then ... but in vain. The invitation was withdrawn at the last moment. So you have to read about my findings here.

Imagine if it were so easy to tear down a skyscraper - just making a hole in the weak top and putting the top on fire ... melting the steel in the top. Like a candle?

The live show on TV was evidently just arranged - by five nationwide TV channels - to make believe that planes and fires caused the smoke and dust collapses ... from top ... down of two towers and the destruction of all surrounding buildings incl. WTC7 a block away.It is very easy to demonstrate that all footage taken and broadcasted by four TV helicopters with photographers/cameras; CBS's chopper 2, NBC's chopper 4, FOX's Chopper 5 and ABC's chopper 7, is fake. Reason is that the helicopters are never seen capturing each other hovering in the Manhattan airspace for the full duration of the 102 minutes 9/11 multi-channel show.

It was too complicated to add helicopters to the fake footage.

Weak top full of smoke crushes strong, intact bottom by gravity? On TV?

Is it really possible? In a scientific, peer reviewed paper about structural damage analysis I have demonstrated it is not possible. Nobody cares.

Below I describe the circumstances around the impossible collapses. A film of a plane colliding 8.46 hrs with a skyscraper (WTC1 north wall) is very rare - see right. Imagine the probability of filming it! It is microscopic. Probability that the film is fake using computer generated images, CGI, in an animation is great.

And then there was this lady (photo below) waving from the hole ... giving the hoax away!

I must say that I am disappointed that FBI, CIA, NSA, DoD, GWB and many other US three letters authorities have not managed to understand that, flying a plane into a weak top of a skyscraper and making a hole in one wall and a big fire ball, will not enable any person above in the weak top to walk down into the crash zone and … wave from the hole … allowing photos/videos to be taken from outside.

The North Tower was hit at 8.46 hrs. A great, hot fire was supposed to burn inside the tower melting the steel so the weak top will suddenly drop down and crush the intact structure below!

After a while a lonely woman appears in the hole at floor #94 and waves to the photographers in helicopters flying by. Can you spot her? And the internal fire melting steel? The photo, woman, smoke, fire and structural damages are fake

Only Hollywood SF writers and conspirators can invent such crazy ideas. Evidently all footage, the hole in the wall, the people filming the event and the waving woman (left) are as fake as US nine eleven dollar bills.

Imagine you were in floors #100 to #110 in the top of a skyscraper and an airplane crashes into it below you and its body is sliced by four floors #95 to #98 and you walk down in one of the stair cases and you decided to have a look at the burning inferno, where the plane was sliced. You open the fire door of the stair well and see the mess, where the plane was sliced by the floors. Furniture, dead people, inner walls, ceilings all on fire, floors missing, 1.000° C hot, steel columns softening, etc.


You decide not to run down to safety in the street 94 floors down. No! You take a fire extinguisher and climb over the mess of 100 dead bodies on floor #94 and extinguish fires until you reach the hole in the wall ... when you start waving to photographers in helicopters - see above.

YOU ARE FAMOUS. And then, after your show, you return to your stairwell and tried to run down to the street and SAFETY. It can only happen in the USA! Fantasy Obama land! It is suggested that the lady in the hole is a Ms Edna Cintron but with no credit nan in her name I have no trust in her.

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, NYT, etc, etc, are other incompetent three letters media authorities that tell the public what to believe in their show world of false/fake news. It seems they belong in the conspirators' camp too! Or do they really believe an American woman can crawl through a >1 000°C burning crash zone full of dead bodies, collapsed floors, etc, etc, to go and wave to helicopters?

The Science Fiction conspirators also suggested that a big wall panel (right) with a landing gear rubber tyre in it was knocked free from the opposite side of the hole in WTC 1 (or 2? - who cares?) and dropped to the ground, where it landed flat without breaking up ... to be filmed by the police ... just outside a Greek church. But it is also 100% fake. Imagine NY City Police fooling us. The idea is ridiculous!

It is evidently interesting to analyze the structural damages on the fake films due to the collision. The collision produces a hole in the north wall - wall columns are cut off over 5 floor levels #94-98 - but the columns on the right side of the wall at the corner are undamaged. The plane didn't collide there.

Then there is a fire ball and you assume that the west wall windows are blown out. There is a smoke cloud that disappears after 20 seconds.


Fig. 4.1.1 - damage (gray) in WTC 1 north face by NIST

Fig. 4.1.2 - damage in WTC 1 north face. Note - the picture is a fake, i.e. from an animation using computer generated images, CGI, of the facade produced and distributed to confuse the public. The smoke is added in an attempt to make it more realistic. Evidently no plane can produce a hole as shown! Prove me wrong and win €1.000.000:-
Fig. 4.1.3 - damage in WTC 1 north face. Note - the picture is a fake, i.e. just a still from an animation using computer generated images, CGI, of the two walls with smoke added. The west face floors # 93-96 are undamaged in spite of a fire ball passed through there. Below is another still of fake footage of same damages. Note that this is before WTC2 South Tower is hit!

After the fire ball there is a cloud of white (?) smoke developing up and down (?) wards. Does burning jet fuel produce white smoke?

And then there are structural damages of columns on the north face on the right side previously undamaged. Why is that? Added by photoshop!

On other films and photos taken later of the hole the damages seen after 20 seconds on the first film are not there! See also part 4 of this paper.

Reason is that the first film showing the collision fire ball, smoke, structural damages, etc, and all films later - broadcasted live on TV - showing first the hole, the structural damages, fire and smoke and later the from top down collapses are fake! All images on all films and photos of WTC 1&2 collisions, holes, fires and collapses were computer generated images, CGI, done before 9/11 and the result is a Hollywood style animation.

If you create a big hole in the north wall floors #94-98 and a big fire ball in all directions, it is recommended to at least damage the windows also on the west and east faces. And do not exaggerate with a lady with a funny name in the hole.

The big mistake is the sudden, top down structural collapse into dust at 10.28 hrs!

No structure of any kind can collapse into dust from top down, i.e. the weak, light top crushes the strong, heavy bottom from above by gravity. All footage of the collapse into dust - the dynamic destructions of the WTC 1 (and 2) - is just computer generated image, CGI, animations of the worst kind. Or some advanced controlled demolition system was used.

But the wrong visual information is least likely to be resisted if others believe, or are made believe, that it can really happen. Any person stating that she or he has actually seen or filmed first WTC2 and then WTC1 collapse into dust from top causing a fountain of debris is simply lying (and should be detained -
see above). Reason being that such collapses are physically impossible.

Engineers that believe that structures collapse into dust from top by gravity because they saw it on television are stupid engineers supporting terrorism.

Bad theories, e.g. that structures globally collapses from weak, light top (!) by gravity down through strong, heavy, intact bottom, create serious risks. They do not merely undermine democratic debate; in extreme cases, they create or fuel violence, like US military attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq killing millions.

As stated above I have written
a scientific paper why structures cannot collapse into dust from top.

According experts there is a burning fire inside the tower melting the steel so the weak top comes lose and crushes everything, much, much stronger below. Do you see any fire melting steel? At 10.28 hrs the whole tower suddenly collapsed

The US government is not interested to dispel the 2001 bad information that structures collapse into dust from weak top down through stronger bottom by gravity due local failure up top. So you have to read about it here and then draw your own conclusions.  

Once you realize that all the 9/11 images - NY cityscape-towers-smoke-planes-explosions-structural damages-collapses-fountains of debris - were not real-live film but digital, computer generated images and creations - just a pixel model (or some, very advanced controlled demolition), it becomes perfectly clear who was inspired by whom, what and especially why.

Analysis of the seismic waves emitted near the time of the plane impacts and at the moments of the collapses and recorded at stations in New York and four neighbouring states on September 11, 2001, indicate that WTC1 and WTC2, respectively were brought down by controlled demolitions one way or another.

All footage of the rubble ... or the missing rubble ... was also fake.

The structural damages to the WTC 2 south wall (above) were also minimal. The plane - seen live on TV! - was apparently tilted 40° when colliding with the building and then its body was sliced into pieces by six strong horizontal floors #79-84 of steel/concrete acting like knives before the wings contacted the walls. About 20 steel wall columns were apparently affected by the wings ... but as the body was already destroyed, the wings with the fuel should just bounce off and drop down on the ground. No fireball!

The plane could therefore not just disappear (!) into a hole of the building at 9.03 hrs as seen on live footage and then produce a fireball. The above picture downloaded from Internet is fakery like all live footage produced by the conspirators. Anyway, the structural damages proposed were too small and the redundancy provided by the intact structure was enormous, so the building could never collapse into dust, which it suddenly did at 9.59 hrs. It seems the fire had already died out on above, fake photo. So NIST had to produce a fake damage, structural analysis of the event. I describe it below.


0.3 Introduction

The WTC Towers could not have been one-way crushed down and destroyed by their small, light, weak upper parts C dropping down on the big, heavy stronger lower parts A becoming first rubble B and then two heaps of rubble on the ground zero on 9/11/2001 as shown right.

Reason is that "a smaller, upper part of an isotropic or composite 3-D structure, when dropped on and impacting a greater part of same structure by gravity, cannot one-way crush down the greater, lower part of the structure".

It is known as the Björkman axiom of structural damage analysis and applies to, e.g. planes flying into tops of skyscrapers.

Hijacked jets making holes in the weak tops of skyscrapers cannot destroy the complete, much stronger skyscrapers below - from above!

Therefore the below headlines on the front page of the NYT on 9/12/2001 is not true. It is just stupid propaganda to confuse the public:

Even worse the NYT also published on 9/12/2001 on an inside page the illustration right suggesting that some kind of "floor-by-floor collapse" had taken place due to local column failures at the top ... caused by foreign terrorists.

This stupid terrorist theory of how the towers progressively collapsed from top was later called the "pancake theory", in which floors stacked up as they fell, as the tower collapsed from top down. But it cannot take place in any real world.

The NYT was thus publishing one lie on the front page and another lie on an inside page. What a stupid coincidence. Smells like Nazi or fascist propaganda.

Illustration of the 'pan cake progressive collapse into dust theory' from NYT 9/12/2001. The stupid illustration was produced by the conspirators and published by media to confuse the public.

More faked photos were published by the NYT Staff ... and NYT got a prize for them!

According basic structural damage analysis no structure of any kind however can destroy itself by its weak top dropping by gravity on its strong bottom that carries the top.

Why did a newspaper like the NYT suggest the contrary? To support terrorism?

Watching TV? It is very easy to fake a plane crashing into a skyscraper!

Like this! It is just a question of various layers on a video!  And to add some scripted comments! It is like composing music. But when a plane collides with a skyscraper there should be plenty of plane parts bouncing off the skyscraper ... but there were none! It is also easy to make up crazy, stupid, false, faked up scientific theories, e.g. that structures collapse into dust from top by gravity, published by conspirators like professor Z. Bazant at Northwestern University.

Imagine making a little hole in the weak, light top C of a skyscraper and starting a fire there and ... POUFF, POUFF, POUFF ... the intact, strong, heavy bottom part A suddenly becomes a heap of rubbish. In all 911 fake videos of the WTC 1&2 destructions tops C actually just disappear in thin air behind smoke as the animator does not know what to do with it otherwise = a sign of fakery

However, the fact is that a tower (a steel structure, A) cannot collapse into dust or be destroyed from above (!) and crushed down or compressed (!) by a small (!) part (C) of itself, POUFF, POUFF, POUFF, POUFF, POUFF, POUFF by gravity into rubble. Prove me wrong and win €1 000 000:-.

This article describes in layman's terms and using common sense (!) the structure of the World Trade Center Twin Towers and what happens when the alleged release of potential energy, due to downward, alleged free fall* (!) movement and alleged impact (!) of the mass above - a small top part lightweight structure (part C) - by its supporting columns when buckling, exceeds the strain energy that can be absorbed by the same columns and much bigger structure below (part A). These are the official, identical cause and effect of both destructions. The conclusion is that the official conclusions by US authorities and experts are false! A composite steel structure like the WTC towers cannot crush down one-way from top down, when a small piece of the structure - upper part C - drops on the structure - intact part A from above! One reason is that the bottom part A of WTC1 is 10 times stronger than the top part C. Another reason is that gravity provides too little energy to destroy the structure. Quite basic! The USA is fooling the world.

Fig. S1 - A fake picture of a 'progressive global collapse into dust' of WTC1 on 9-11 2001. The picture (from a video) has been made using 'Independence Day' film technology, CGI, - smoke, dust and debris are just added, while bits of the tower incl. top C are erased. Top C should remain intact and crush down the bottom part A. Prove me wrong and win Euro 1. 000 000:- (Note - photo is evidently another fake!)

Björkman's famous axiom regarding any structure says:

A smaller (weaker) top part of an isotropic or composite 3-D structure, when dropped on and impacting a greater (stronger) bottom part of same structure by gravity, cannot one-way crush down the greater bottom part of the structure.

It means that you cannot one-way crush an isotropic or composite structure A by a part C of itself (say C = 1/10 A) by dropping small part C on big part A using gravity. Part C either bounces on A or gets damaged in contact with A and is stopped by A that is also damaged a little by C. It is quite basic and all due to forces and deformations absorbing energy and the fact that both parts have same structure and that the weakest elements in both parts fail first. Materials and particulars of the elements of the structure A doesn't matter the least as long as they are same as structure C.

Thus no structures, 1, 2 or 5 meters tall, or 100, 200 or 500 meters tall exist (e.g. the one shown left Fig. S1) that will one-way crush down, when a small part C is dropped on the bigger part A below.

However, various people or fools, i.a. Bazant and Seffen, which will be further described below in 2.1 and 9.1 propose otherwise. They suggest that what they describe as crush down or progressive collapse into dust takes place as follows:

The top part C of any structure gets loose, drops on and destroys bottom part A into rubble B! (Fig. S2)

After a few seconds the whole building A is just rubble B! The basic errors with these suggestions are simply that no small top part C can ever destroy anything below it that carried it before.

The WTC 1 collapse into dust can be seen here! The video is fake, manufactured Hollywood DreamWorks Disney style, computer generated images, as no structure can collapse into dust from top down. Actually all videos and pictures on TV, incl. the one above, showing the destructions of the WTC towers are faked! The real conspirators faked all videos. Imagine that!

It is quite simple to learn what happens at impacts of a mass above and why Björkman's axiom always applies! Just drop any mass above on something below! Start with a solid rubber ball and drop it on the floor. The ball/mass above normally bounces.

The ball was not rigid and deformed upon contact with the floor. Why? The floor applied a force on the solid rubber ball, so that it deformed, absorbed some of the kinetic energy involved and then released it and bounced up.

Evidently the ball also applied a force on the floor that also deformed, absorbed the remainder of the energy involved; maybe the floor vibrated a little. This is Newton's third law at work.

Fig. S2 - A building A with a top part C becomes rubble B due to progressive collapse into dust and crush down of A by C according to fake theories of Bazant and Seffen developed after 11 September 2001. Evidently a small top part C cannot crush a bigger bottom part A of same, stronger structure only due to gravity and then be crushed by a heap of rubble B!

Then do the same thing with a solid sphere of steel. Drop it on the floor. If the floor is strong enough, the same thing will happen as with a rubber ball! The steel sphere bounces. If the floor is not strong enough, i.e. it cannot produce a force big enough to deform the steel sphere, so that it bounces back, the floor will be damaged - maybe a hole is formed in it, and the steel sphere drops through the hole, or the floor is just partially damaged ... and catches the steel ball, i.e. arrests it.

Now you have learnt a little what can happen when you drop anything on anything. This basic knowledge is used in this presentation. Now try to drop a piece of something on the same something bigger. You can never one-way crush down something A by a top piece C of A!

The conclusion is that no destruction of the Towers can ensue under the given circumstances.

More info is available in booklet Best Practices for Reducing the Potential for Progressive Collapse in Buildings.

The reason is, apart from neither free fall nor impact of an upper part C or mass taking place - they are just invention by the conspirators - that the upper part C, with floor area 4 000 m² and its columns, which only occupy 5-6 m² or 0.13% of the total area, is not aligned with the lower structure and its columns at the alleged incidents/impacts! The upper and lower load bearing columns will never meet at any point!

The upper part C in fact is an assembly of many weaker parts (floors) that will simply be sliced apart by the lower structure stronger columns (part A) and then be entangled with and jammed there due to friction and the destruction will be arrested.

The upper part C cannot apply energy on the lower structure as the energy will destroy C first. You will learn what a gravity driven destruction (something stronger breaking something weaker below) really is and why such event did not take place at the WTCs! The subject has been analyzed in many articles on the Internet but you here find new observations and explanations. The information is so simple to grasp that no peer review of 'scientists' is required to support it. There is no mystery about it. The conspirators do not like that. Beware!

(* free fall is to be understood in this paper as a drop due to gravity with little resistance, while the velocity increases (acceleration)) 

The author is a structural engineer for Heiwa Co albeit in the shipbuilding and very big oil tankers/FPSOs sector but the principles of structural design and analysis are the same. It is a more detailed description than this paper but the conclusion is the same!

Many people ask how the towers were destroyed, if they were not crushed from top down by gravity. The top down crush seen on TV was just an animation of computer generated images, CGI, done by Hollywood. The 110 floors steel frame WTC1&2 towers were brought down by controlled demolition, like the 28 floors tall Biltmore Hotel, October 1977: 

"Seconds after the final warning signal blared Sunday afternoon at a downtown redevelopment site in Oklahoma City, precisely placed explosive charges dropped a 28-story building almost in its tracks. When it fell, the 245-ft-high structure became the tallest steel-frame building to be demolished with explosives.


CDI placed 991 separate charges, about 800 lbs. of explosives in all, on seven floors from the basement to the 14th floor and detonated them over a five-second interval. CDI's detonation sequence aimed to drop the building in a southerly direction in what is called a controlled progressive collapse in order to lay out the demolished structure to ease removal of debris."

The result was a big heap of steel frames showing that explosives had been used, so all footage of the rubble was faked too using CGI.  


1. 1 The explanation - major problems - no evidence of (1) buckled columns, (2) free fall, (3) impact, (4) shock Wave or (5) rigid body of an upper part C or mass

NIST, the US National Institute of Support of Terrorism, at Washington, DC, has explained the WTC 911 destructions.

From NIST report - NISTNCSTAR1-6D chapter 5.2 - we learn:

"The aircraft impacted the north wall of WTC 1 at 8:46 a.m. … between Floor 93 and Floor 98. … The subsequent fires weakened structural subsystems, including the core columns, floors and exterior walls. The core displaced downward … At 100 min (at 10:28:18), the north, east, and west walls at Floor 98 carried 7 percent, 35 percent and 30 percent more gravity load loads … and the south wall and the core carried about 7 percent and 20 percent less loads, respectively., … At 10.28 a.m., 102 min after the aircraft impact, WTC 1 began to collapse. … The release of potential energy due to downward movement of the building mass above the buckled columns (the upper part C) exceeded the strain energy that could be absorbed by the structure (part A). Global collapse ensued."

From chapter 5.3 we learn:

"The aircraft … impacted the south wall of WTC 2 at 9.03 a.m. … between Floor 78 and Floor 84. … (9:59 am) … The release of potential energy due to downward movement of the building mass above the buckled columns (the upper part C) exceeded the strain energy that could be absorbed by the structure (part A). Global collapse ensued."

Note that the two Towers were destroyed for exactly the same cause: The release of potential energy, PE, due to downward movement of the building mass above the buckled columns (the upper part C) exceeded the strain energy, SEb, that could be absorbed by the structure (part A below).

There is no mention of the local forces that develop at contact and that will destroy the structures locally that will absorb energy and that will arrest further destruction, or whether upper part C can apply sufficient energy on A without destroying itself. Terrorists are simple people with stupid explanations.

Progressive collapse of a structure is always from bottom up starting with removal or destruction of load bearing primary elements at the bottom causing elements above to displace down by gravity as shown in figure right.

Can removal or destruction (e.g. by fire) of load bearing elements high up in a structure causing downward displacement of elements above, up to the top of the structure produce destruction of all intact elements and connections below the initially destroyed elements? NIST suggests it is possible. Below is shown that it is not possible. NIST is producing a fake report about WTC 1/2. 


1.1.1 What is a buckled column?


Note - collapse always starts by removal of an element at the bottom developing upwards - not the other way around!

And how much energy or mass above is required to buckle it? If any column would fail due to buckling in turn caused by heat/overload, you would expect the following to happen to it, when a compressive load of the
upper part is applied:



Fig. 1.1.1 Five steps of buckling of a column due to compressive load

First, A, a plastic hinge develops in the middle of the compressed column due to lack of strain energy there, then, B, two more plastic hinges develop above and below the first hinge, then, C and D, the column 'kneels' and finally, E, a severely deformed part of the column may punch a hole in the floor below it, while the solid mass above or force applied is shifted sideways. All these deformations require energy that is applied by the displacing mass above! The column will never fracture in any location and it will never rupture due to fractures at the hinges into several pieces, i.e. it will always be connected, albeit very deformed. To suggest that 'buckling' of a column will result in free fall of the load or mass it carries is not correct! It is in fact absurd. As absurd to propose that dropping a mass on a column, the column will buckle! The dropped mass will just slide off before any buckling takes place.

The above deformation also takes time and would be seen on any video, if it took place! No buckled columns from floors 93/98 of WTC 1 or floors 74/78 of WTC 2 have been presented as evidence.

The major problem with the WTC 1 destruction is that the conspirators suggest that the top part, the upper part of WTC 1 suddenly dropped at nearly free-fall as a rigid, solid mass, releasing potential energy, PE, becoming kinetic energy, KE, due to acceleration and transferring it into the non-rigid structure below at an impact at a rate that exceeded the below structure's ability to absorb it, ignoring the simple fact that the buckled columns and failures in between would simply have stopped the vertical displacement.

The structure below lacked enough strain energy, SEb, we are told. There is no mention of the strain energy of the upper part above, SEa, because it is rigid and cannot absorb any strain energy as it already contains infinite strain energy, and the effects of friction between the upper part and the structure below. And there is no mention of the strain energy of the intermediate part - all the buckled columns there!


1.1.2 Fake assumptions

The NIST explanation makes several assumptions that are easily shown to be unsupported (no evidence) or fake or very strange, typical conspirator behaviour:

  • When the rigid upper part 's support was lost, it was lost all at once, in all the 280+ columns on an entire floor, and for the height of several floors (No evidence or false! Upper part is not rigid).
  • The bottom floor of the falling upper part was stronger (??) than the top of the intact lower structure, and underwent negligible deformation -because it was rigid! - while it crushed down the lower structure, which had supported it for more than 20 years through several strong storms, i.e. the strain energy of the upper block, SEa, particularly its lowest floor, was very big or infinite (due to assumed rigidity) (False).
  • The columns, also rigid, in the falling upper part were in nearly perfect alignment with the non-rigid columns in the structure below after failures (fake - see figure above).
  • Columns in the top of the intact lower structure buckled in one or more entire floors at once due to lack of strain energy in the structure below, SEb (False).
  • This buckling failed to absorb the kinetic energy of the rigid upper part, so it continued falling at nearly free-fall acceleration (No evidence).
  • Friction between partly damaged and/or loose parts is not existing or considered (Very strange).
  • This almost perfectly aligned impact and energy-lossless buckling was repeated on every floor, all the way down each tower, with additional destruction and mass accelerations (concrete pulverization, high-speed ejection of dust, and high-speed ejection of steel pieces) occurring without slowing the descent of the "falling upper part ". There is no friction between the loose parts (False).

 These above initiating events and destructions are not seen at WTC 1.


1.1.3 No initiating events recorded on (fake) video

All videos of the destruction show that the upper part in fact telescopes into or shortens itself for 2-4 seconds, while the steel structure below is still intact! Thus - the upper part was not rigid as assumed later by NIST and supporting 'experts'. WTC 1 will be analysed in detail below.WTC 2 is similar. Here is a video analysis of what might have hit WTC 2 and it is not a plane! 40 minutes later WTC 2 is suddenly destroyed.

All videos show very strange destructions when smoke, dust and damaged pieces are being ejected. You should wonder if the destruction is real ... or the videos are faked! Reason to fake the videos is to manipulate the viewer and confuse any analysis. Photos here are from said videos. In author's opinion the videos are faked but can be used for analysis anyway.

The whole upper part C of WTC 2 just above floor 81 suddenly tips over, moves horizontally sideways and disappears soon after as shown on photos right (figs.,2), while the lower structure remains intact. To suggest that the upper part C is rigid, remains intact, drops vertically and is aligned with the lower structure columns and crushes down the floors/columns below poses a predicament.

It is quite clear that nothing drops on the right wall and floors of WTC 2 structure below the upper part C. But smoke, débris and dust are ejected ... for what reasons? Gravity contact? Nothing has impacted the right wall! On the other hand it seems that multiple, great explosions take place tipping and mowing the upper part C to the left while the top floors are destroyed! According Bazant and others upper part C is supposed to be intact and one-way crush down the tower below, but anybody can see on any video how upper part C is in fact destroyed first. Thus the planned demolition starts high up ... and continues below later.

No free fall of upper part C or impact occurs at WTC 2 ... and cannot occur - and none are therefore recorded on any videos!

The force to shift the upper part C horizontally sideways must have been enormous and cannot have been provided by gravity - a downward force!

The pictures (figs. 1.1.3,4) below show the same thing from another angle and a few seconds later.

The corners and roof line of WTC 2 are indicated by green lines. Note the smoke ejected from the windows well below the tilting upper part in the left picture, where the structure is still intact and no local failures have occurred. Gravity alone cannot produce such effects!

Fig. - WTC 2 just before upper part C is destroyed. Note that picture is a fake!

Fig. - WTC 2 while upper part C is being destroyed. Note that picture is a fake! The smoke ejections are just added for effect!

"Observation of the upper margin of the cloud of dust and smoke in the videos somehow makes the discusser conclude that the tower top motion is caused by "part C becoming shorter while part A remains intact." This is a delusion. Part A remaining intact would violate the principles of conservation of momentum and of energy. The writers' analysis of the initial two-way collapse shows that the columns of part C get plastically squashed by only 1% of their original length and afterward the collapse proceeds in a one-way crush-down mode (Bažant and Le 2008)." Bazant & Co, July 2010 lying in Journal of Engineering Mechanics! Evidently WTC 2 floors above #81 are demolished = upper part C is destroyed first!

What you would expect at worst is a short vertical downward displacement of the non-rigid upper part and very little energy released, smoke just ejected from a very narrow strip of walls, then a physical contact between the upper part structure and the top floor of the structure below, local structural failures occurring in both the upper part structure, as it is not rigid, and the lower structure causing increasing friction between failed parts in contact, mainly floors - no rubble or smoke being produced - absorbing all energy released a moment before and an end of the local destruction up top after a few seconds! In serious ship collisions, with much more energy released than in the WTCs, this happens all the time. At WTC 2 the upper part disappears in a dust cloud before the lower structure is affected.

Fig. - WTC 2 while upper part C is destroyed xFig. - WTC 2 while upper part C is destroyed. No building/structure can collapse as shown by gravity alone. The top part C cannot crush the bottom part. It should remain stuck on top! Big parts dropping from skyscraper = ridiculous! Prove me wrong and win Euro 1. 000 000:- (Note - photos are all fakes! You should really wonder where all faked photos and videos come from)


1.1.4 Does gravity destroy steel structures?

Gravity is an ever present vertical force of attraction between any two objects, e.g. all the parts of the towers and the Earth. WTC 1 and 2 consisted of many parts and, when WTC 1 and 2 were intact and all parts were attached to each other, gravity resulted in low, safe compressive stresses in the primary load bearing columns that were less than 32% of the yield stress as will be shown in 5.1 below. Evidently the gravity forces were balanced by opposite reaction forces at every point.

Evidently no parts or assemblies of WTC 1 or 2 were rigid. A rigid body is assumed indestructible.

A floor is not a primary load bearing object. It just transmits its weight to the primary load bearing elements via connecting bolts. It will also be clarified in 5.1 below.

If you cut a primary load bearing vertical column or allow it to fail/shear off in one location, it cannot transmit any load and the stress in it at the cut becomes zero. If you then cut the same object a bit away (it cannot fail again!), the lose part will evidently drop out and fall down. If it is located in the wall, it is likely it drops down to the ground outside the structure. A core column may fall on a floor or down a lift shaft. 


1.1.5 Free fall and collision impact

In WTC 1 and 2 we are told that two times 230-240+ primary load bearing vertical columns simultaneously failed in two locations (buckled) in an initiation zone due to fire ... and disappeared allowing vertical free fall of the upper parts. I do not believe it, because it is crazy to suppose it and not observed and contradicts all laws of physics, but let's assume it anyway so this article can describe the madness.

What happens then?

Well, if the upper part above the initiation zone was then hanging in a crane and slowly lowered down and placed on the lower structure, the lower structure would evidently carry the upper part ... as before. The columns would again be stressed to less than 32% yield stress. This is normal practice in modern shipbuilding; big blocks are positioned on structure below and welded to it. If you drop a block on the structure below, the block is sliced apart in the worst case or bounces up or a combination of the two.

But there was no crane lowering the WTC upper parts like in a shipyard!

We are told by NIST, and I repeat, that the upper part (it is assumed a rigid (indestructible!), solid mass with uniform density and big strain energy, SEa keeping it together!):

(1) near free falls vertically (there are no buckled columns below it) and

(2) impacts instantaneously on the structure below, i.e. its columns, forces develop and

(3) causes a shock wave in the below structure columns, the latter are overloaded and rupture in 1000's of pieces, (it now the global collapse is starting), while

(4) the upper part remains intact during the complete destruction due to big, SEa , i.e. is not damaged by the reaction forces and energy transmitted to it at impact (this amazing effect is due to the upper part is assumed being rigid!), and

(5) is compressing, crushing down the rubble below and

(6) remains intact on top of the rubble all the time until

(7) it self-destructs at the end of the destruction of the structure below! 


1.1.6 Upper part remains intact?

These are very misty allegations - total inventions - by a federal authority (albeit with terrorist ties). It is the first time in history, when a smaller object - the light weight, upper part, actually a non-rigid, flexible steel structure consisting of many smaller elements with very small strain energy, SEa, - destroys the bigger and stronger other object - the identical steel structure below only with assistance of gravity. And none of the (1) to (7) events in 1.1.5 is recorded on any video! On all videos the upper parts disappear early and the lower structures are destroyed sequentially from the top by something else than the upper parts, while huge amounts of smoke, dust, débris and rubble are ejected. Very strange destructions, actually. Looks like controlled or planned demolitions!

The weak, small upper parts of WTC 1, 2 are the problems for the conspirators. We are just told that they can destroy the intact building below. They - the upper parts - are according Bazant/Seffen, two criminal scientists, findings of which will be further analyzed and debunked below, supposed to be rigid, stiff, solid, of uniform density, indestructible, with ability to absorb infinite strain energy, SEa , etc., in order to first near free fall vertically, then impact and finally drive two huge destructions of intact steel structures below from top to bottom that have never been seen before and after 911.

The weights of these
upper parts were not massive! The weights just compressed the structure below to less than 32% yield stress. And the load bearing structure/columns below only occupied 0.13% of the total foot print (WTC1 at the initiation zone - the rest was air!), which is an indication how strong the lower structure columns were! The available strain energy, SEa, in the upper part holding it together was locally exactly similar to the structure below on a volume unit basis; bolted joints of floors to columns and columns butt welded together and connected by spandrels and beams. Most of the upper part was air! Its strain energy was very limited; it was not rigid. What you would expect is that the upper part would be severely damaged at impact ... and that further destruction would soon be arrested.

There was plenty of space/volume for other structure, e.g. floors, to get entangled in, which is completely ignored by the authorities. Early on the so called pan cake theory was suggested - whole floors being disconnected from columns and dropping down from the upper parts - but it was soon abandoned. It was a ridiculous suggestion! Floors dropping down from a rigid, indestructible upper part!

So the upper parts were neither rigid, stiff, solid, of uniform density, indestructible nor with big strain energy, SEa , as assumed by the scientists.

NIST cannot then explain the WTC lower structures total destructions except that potential energy, PE = kinetic energy, KE (of upper part ) is greater than the built in strain energy, SEb, (capacity to absorb energy) of structure below (NIST's law), that will also be further described below. Complete terrorist nonsense as PE/KE of the upper part has nothing to do with SEb of the structure below! NIST does not consider that friction between partly damaged or loose parts absorbs more energy than any strain energy absorbed by intact structure in elastic and plastic deformation!

Bazant and Seffen came to assistance. But they assume that the load bearing structure columns occupy 100% of the total foot print due to uniform density of the upper part and not only 0.13% due to local, concentrated strength. There is no air in the Bazant/Seffen WTCs! They apparently assume that SEa is greater than SEb that will be further explained below. SEa would in fact be infinite according to Bazant/Seffen. The upper part is assumed rigid.

They also assume that there are no space and volume for entanglement of locally failed elements anywhere and that collapse arrest may occur! Both ignores that friction develops between displaced elements and absorbs huge amounts of potential energy released. Collapse arrest will be defined and explained below in paras. 1.2, 1.3 and 1.5. 


1.2 Missing evidence - Why wasn't the upper part locally damaged?

There are 1000's of photos of the destructions but unfortunately some are missing, e.g. those during the 0.8 - 0.9 seconds, when the rigid, indestructible upper parts start to near free fall (1) 3.7 meters - all columns failed - and then collide/impact (2) with the top elements of the structure below transmitting the total upper part KE to these elements of the structure below - and nothing to the upper part itself. It is then that the clock of collapse time should start and (3) the shock wave is transmitted. It can evidently not be seen. No intact upper parts (4) are seen during the destructions that followed. In the case of WTC2 the upper part explodes outside the footprint of the tower. It was not very rigid!

But if there is no free fall and no impact and no sudden transmission of KE, then a gravity driven destructions cannot even be initiated and no collapse time clock will start. Any calculations about what happens after the alleged impact and instantaneous transmission of KE become then pretty theoretical.

We are told that PE is released at (1) and becomes KE at (2). NIST suggests in its infamous 10 000 pages report that the PE or KE (no calculations) exceeded the total strain energy, SEb, of the structure below (no calculations), or PE = KE > SEb, but it is nonsensical maxims employed by savages! PE/KE and SEb have nothing to do with each other!

Nothing to do with each other? Exactly.

The PE/KE of the upper part must evidently be applied at a sudden IMPACT to the structure below, but gravity does not work like that for loose objects! If some PE/KE of the upper part is applied to the lower structure, you may, e.g. expect some local failures due to lack of local SEb as long as the load is applied. The load will then slip off due to the deformation and lack of friction. The SEb of the complete structure is something completely different. Then there is the lower structure itself - it can evidently destroy the upper part, if it gets loose. It happens when local SEb is bigger than local SEa.

upper part that allegedly became loose consists of 280+ vertical primary load bearing elements - the flexible columns - holding it together. All the loads of the masses above are only held by the columns. The upper part is neither rigid nor solid.

In order for this upper part, 4 000 m² floor area and a certain height, with 280+ columns that occupy only 5-6 m² of it (<0.13% of the foot print), to free fall, impact and overload the lower structure, it must be 100% aligned with all 280+ columns below after failure.

And then, if the 280+ columns above touch the 280+ columns below at contact, they must not slip off! Otherwise no KE will be transmitted! Each column is assumed to have failed at two locations (buckled) and the intermediate part has disappeared or is bent 180°.

Does anyone believe that the cross surfaces of the broken parts are identical allowing a perfect fit at impact ... and overload? Try to hit a nail with another nail and see what happens because each column has the function of a nail hitting another nail!

Evidently, the upper part columns were not 100% aligned at (1) with the lower structure columns after buckling - we are told that they were bent - and therefore they will miss the lower structure columns at (2). But NIST assumes the contrary!

No impact, no shock wave! And therefore no global collapse due to KE bigger than SEb.

If you argue that it was only the thin, lowest floor of the upper part that first impacted the thin, uppermost floor of the structure below, you should know that the PE of the lowest floor is negligible (5%) compared to the total PE of the upper block. The KE of the lowest floor must then be transmitted, via the uppermost floor of the lower structure (actually the bolts at the columns), to the columns to affect the latter. You require local SEa for that (in the bolts)! A vertical impact on a floor cannot be transmitted via the same horizontal floor to the supporting columns and break the latter. The bolted connections between the floor and the column break first! And something else should happen, i.e. the upper block would destroy itself due to small SEa. It is one reason for collapse arrest. NIST apparently assumes that the bolts of the upper block are super strong - rigid!, while the bolts in the structure below are weak. Not very logical! Typical terrorist behaviour! 


1.3 What you would expect to happen

If something falls it must go down freely. No upper parts are seen going down freely. They disappear early in the action that follows! Or that 240-250+ columns suddenly fail (buckle) just prior that. And then there are these mysterious impacts after falling down 3.7 meters near free fall that are not observed.

The columns occupy only 0.13% of the total cross area and, if misaligned by say 10-40 mm, they will miss or slip off the columns below = no impact. And if there is no impact, there is no transmission of energy, KE, to the structure below - only weak, thin horizontal floors of upper part and lower structure will be cut/punched/sliced by vertical, strong columns that will remain virtually intact.

So let's assume the upper part gets lose (A). It means that the potential energy, PE, available in a one-story drop was greater than the local strain energy to be overcome in the initiation zone, i.e. crushing all columns there. It is furthermore assumed that the compressive force, necessary for a descent was available; otherwise the motion would not start, i.e. no initiation. If these assumptions are not fulfilled, the conclusion is that the motion will be arrested already during the damage/buckling of columns of the initiation zone and the building will stand.

What happens then? Let's assume that the upper part gets misaligned (exaggerated in picture below) outside the lower structure on two wall sides and inside on the two other wall sides of the lower structure (B) and goes down (C). Similar misalignment takes place at the core. WTC 1 with the mast on the roof is used in this example. Not all floors are shown. In WTC 2 the upper part tilted more than 10° and moved a considerable distance sideways before destruction and disappeared which has not been explained. You need a horizontal force for that, which gravity cannot provide.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;A ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;B ::::::::::::::::::::::;;;;;;C:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxE

Fig. 1.3.1 - Dropping an upper part on a lower part of same structure

The upper part walls columns (right in picture (C) above) misaligned on the inside of the lower structure will now slice through the first (red) floor below the impact zone - the floor hinges down on the (red) floor below - while the upper part walls columns (left in picture (C) above) misaligned on the outside will drop in the air and hit nothing! Actually only half the mass/walls of the upper part carried by the walls participate in the local failures that follows and results in tilting of the upper part.

On the other hand the lower structure columns (left in (C) above) on the inside of the upper part will slice through the first (green) floor of the upper part - and it hinges down too on the (red) floor below! You do not need much energy for that. It is quite evident that the upper part is not rigid as assumed by all experts at NIST and elsewhere!

And the lower structure walls columns on the outside of the upper part (right in picture (C) above) will remain ... intact!

Similar floor failures may occur at the core but there the columns are fewer and spread around and interconnected by horizontal beams to which the floors are bolted.

In (D) the upper part right wall columns inside the lower structure are assumed to have sliced three (red) floors in the lower structure and these floors have hinged down with two (green) floors of the upper part that have also been cut by the strong wall columns of the lower structure inside the upper part on top. Similar failures take place at the core. Evidently this destruction pattern will tip the upper part against the intact (right in (D) above) wall of the lower structure and the upper part will be jammed. The progressive local collapses due to some loose loads is arrested mainly due to friction between the many displaced parts, damaged or not. This more logical local collapse pattern is something NIST never considers. If the collapse is not arrested then, the upper part will disappear completely into the lower structure (E) and the left wall of the upper block will fall down in one piece to the ground! The upper part is sliced apart due to small local SEa (and not infinite SEa as assumed by NIST) and the structure below is also locally damaged, i.e. its SEb is reduced. The upper block green floors however remain inside the top of the lower structure. This destruction would not produce a lot of rubble, debris, dust or smoke!

And we do not see that on any videos. 


1.4 Why global collapse will not occur (in layman's terms)

What a reasonable person would expect after local failures at the initiation zone - even very serious ones - is that gravity would just slowly (no free fall) pull the upper part assembly down, some parts may contact each other and get damaged like in a soft collision by local forces, when plenty of energy is transformed into heat, and after that primary and secondary structure of upper part and parts of structure below would get entangled into one another and rub against each other. Friction develops and absorbs the remaining energy released. Some parts will fall down outside the building. This is the basic reason why a multi-parts steel structure does not ever globally collapse like a house of cards!

Or in other words:

There are many masses/elements that drop - connected to one another one way or another by strain energy, SEa, forming an upper part. You cannot simplify and say the upper part is only one solid, rigid mass. There are four outer walls, core columns, many floors, etc. Each part and its connections to other parts make up the total strain energy, SEa, of the upper part that is limited. Let's say that the numbers of masses of the upper part are n.

If these masses drop, their PE becomes KE. Each mass, numbers 1 to n, has its own PE/KE due to gravity. And each mass starts at a different location and will drop on a different location by gravity. What keeps all these masses together is the strain energy, SEa, of the upper part.

The lower structure of WTC 1 is fairly complex - 280+ columns, 94 floors, etc. It cannot be treated as one spring or a party balloon or similar. The columns only occupy 0.13% of the total cross area of the tower. What loads are applied on them at an impact? Probably none as they are small and any load will slip off.

The uppermost floor of the lower structure thus occupy 99.87% of the cross area or foot print. What loads are put on it and where and when? There are many masses, numbers 1 to n, dropping down. Which one will be applied first? Right - the one that was closest above and will actually contact something below.

The strength of the upper part and lower intact structures (all parts/connections, etc) are known. We know the various loads, numbers 1 to n that are dropped on the uppermost floor of the lower structure in a certain order depending where they started from. It should be clear that if a column impacts a floor, the column will only punch or slice a hole in the floor. 


1.5 Analysis of collapse initiation, progressive collapse and collapse arrest - The masses get entangled - friction forces absorb the released energy

In order to analyze the collapse initiation you evidently apply the loads to the lower structure and the upper part and see what happens! Does global collapse start or is it just local failures due to local forces and local collapse is arrested by friction?

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;A ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;B ::::::::::::::::::::::;;;;;;C:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxE

Fig. 1.4.1 - Dropping an upper part on a lower part of same structure

So we start with load number n = 1 - the one that is applied first! This is a repeat of 1.3 above. The analysis will be based on observations and using common sense. What happens to the uppermost floor of the lower structure being loaded by load n = 1? And where does load n = 1 come from?

In (C) above it might be the wall columns and core columns/horizontal core beams of the upper part that hit the uppermost red floor of the lower structure in certain locations. Any deformations? Local failures? Is the poor floor still connected to the 280+ columns? Maybe it is only sliced locally and falls down as shown. At every local failure potential energy is consumed to overcome the strain energy holding the parts together. At every contact point between displaced parts rubbing against one another there is friction that absorbs huge amounts of energy released. The rubbing acts as an effective brake!

Then we apply load number n = 2. This is the lowest green floor of the upper part that hits the wall columns of the lower structure on the other side and core columns/horizontal beams of the lower structure. The green floor of the upper part has no chance here! It is sliced and drops down on the red floor below. It seems the big load of the upper part is only applied on the - weak - side of the lower structure - only weak red floors in the way there, while there is more opposition on the other side - lower structure columns slicing up the green floors of the upper part.

Does anyone believe that the upper part will fall vertically - near free fall - as a rigid, solid block under the shown circumstances - which is the fundamental assumption of Bazant and Seffen? According basic physical principles the upper part is subject to multiple structural failures at impact!

Progressive, local collapse due to loads n = 1 and 2 has however started! Thus we have to see what happens at the next floors above and below applying all the n loads there in proper order.

The first collapsed, hinged floors above and below will probably deflect many of the loads coming first and later from above outside the structure or inwards, against each other causing jamming, rubbing, friction and entanglement of these loads/masses. Too complicated to calculate? Not really. As long as you realize that it is not one, solid, rigid mass (one PE/KE) that impacts one structure below with one SE(?), you will agree that the Bazant/Seffen/NIST simplifications described below are just irresponsible nonsense.

The first loads/masses from above, i.e. columns of the upper part applied on the uppermost floor will probably locally damage the uppermost red floor of the intact structure either at the boundaries or on the floor itself. The horizontal floor then becomes sloping in various locations and positions. It does not drop flatly down as assumed by NIST. The first loads/masses will then change direction from vertical to sideways due to the sloping floor parts and be stopped, e.g. by rubbing against the sloping floor and being entangled in the strong vertical columns. Gravity works like that. Some loads may drop further on the next floor, but the latter will obviously resist or only fail locally, where the particular loads/masses are applied!

The next loads/masses coming dropping from above, e.g. the first green floor will not hit the uppermost red floor, but something else, i.e. the vertical columns of the lower structure and the upper part. There is a lot of damping, friction, etc. in this mess apart from pure SE of the floors of both upper part and lower structure resisting and deflecting the loading. Potential energy released is consumed both as strain energy (deformation of structure) and friction (rubbing between displaced parts).

The second uppermost red floor of the structure below - see (D) above - may also collapse, similar to the uppermost floor, when the masses, i.e. the columns above have dropped on the first load/mass/mess. Progressive, local collapse continues. The second red floor of the structure below, now also sloping, will in turn deflect the loads from above as the first. Then the second green floor of the upper part will be damaged, when it drops on the columns below. After a while the top part of the lower structure is completely jammed with damaged floors of the upper part and the lower structure sliced apart in various locations. The remaining mass will then not do much further harm. Some will drop down outside. The rest will remain on top, as if lowered there by a crane. If the whole upper block is sliced up by the lower structure (E) before arrest (no friction!), the upper part outside walls will drop down on the outside but all the upper part (green) floors will remain up top jammed in the lower structure.

The collapse is arrested! Reason is mainly the friction that develops between displaced components but also that the available strain energy, SEa, of the upper part was much less than the available strain energy of the structure below, SEb, and that 50% of the PE/KE released was in fact absorbed by SEa of the upper part and friction there and the other 50% by SEb of the structure below and friction there at the collision and following local destructions. This is the beauty of an airy tower steel structure of non uniform density with a strong perimeter held by spandrels. Some local parts my fail (e.g. floors) due to gravity overload and then any other loose parts just get deflected, entangled and jammed due to friction in the mess, as there is plenty of volume and intact structure for that. A stable state of a partially damaged structure always develops. No global collapse will ensue. Collapse arrest is when a stable state of a partially damaged structure has developed. NIST in its 10 000 pages report does not mention collapse arrest as a more logical result of local failures and the report is thus incomplete. That NIST ignores friction between displaced parts after local failures as the main factor to absorb released energy and arrest further destruction is chocking!


1.6 What really happened

So why did the columns of the lower structure blow up in 1 000's of pieces, if there were no impact and shock wave? The answer will be given at the end of this presentation.

The upper part it seems to be destroyed before it reaches the steel structure below ... at zero velocity ... and does not impact! It is mostly air anyway! Let's call the upper part C and the lower part A and the rubble between them part B. The following photos extracted from a video show what happens:

Upper part C dropping into skyscraper = ridiculous! Prove me wrong and win Euro 1. 000 000:- (Note - photos are fakes!)

Fig. 1.6.1 - WTC 1 North wall just before upper part C above floor 97 shortens itself or implodes. Note intact steel columns below the upper part C. No collapse or crush down of structure below has yet started there due to lack of strain energy ... and it will not take place!
Fig. 1.6.2 - WTC 1 when upper part C has shortened itself or imploded 15 meters after about 2 seconds of roof line dropping. Lower part A has not been crushed down 15 meters and no 4 meters rubble layer part B is visible. Lower Part A still extends to the red line.
Fig. 1.6.3 - WTC 1 when upper part C has shortened itself or imploded 35 meters after about 3.1 seconds of roof line dropping. If upper part C would have been intact, it would extend down to the 9 meters thick rubble part B. Lower Part A still extends to the red line. No collapse/crush down of lower part A below has started and there is no rubble part B. Soon after the upper part C disappears completely in a cloud of smoke and rubble!

What we are really seeing on above three pictures is local destruction of both part A and upper part C at interface C/A and not a one-way crush down of part A by an intact upper part C. Attention though - the pictures are from a fake video!

The destruction of the upper part C - it is compressed 20-35 meters - before its columns reach or, as suggested, impinge on the intact columns of the structure below simply means that the upper part C is not rigid and that its potential energy is split in 1000's of small parts and that the upper columns cannot impact on the columns of the solid intact tower steel structure below and destroy the latter. It seems that the upper part C consumes its strain energy SEa holding it together prior any destruction below. It also confuses the total destruction time of WTC 1! When does the WTC 1 destruction actually start? When the roof (and mast on top) starts to displace downwards? At that time no visible damages are seen at floor 94, so you should wonder why the roof moves at all. One second later? The roof has dropped a couple of meters and still no impact and damages are seen at floor 94. Two seconds later. The roof has dropped 10 meters and still no damages are seen at floor 94. Three seconds later. The roof has dropped 20-35 meters and still no damages are seen at floor 94! The columns are still intact at floor 94. There is no free fall or impact!

It would appear that NIST, the US authority responsible for analyzing the collapse has abandoned the original suggestion of a rigid upper part C free falling, impacting and causing a shock wave and instead suggests that 6-11 lower floors inside the upper part C suddenly dropped down and overloaded the uppermost floor of the structure below. The above pictures evidently do not support such modified claim, where it is seen that the roof displaces 20-35 meters, while there is no visible effects at and below the initiation/impact zone at floor 94 (where the floors of the upper part C are supposed to drop down). If only internal floors suddenly dropped down, evidently the roof would remain in position. It would appear that the core columns of the upper part C above the initiation zone fail first, the upper part C is compacted and the walls of the upper part C telescopes into themselves. That the upper part C does not remain intact should be obvious to anybody. However, a few days later an unknown professor announced exactly the opposite! 


2.1 The fake theory and the misleading assumptions

An American professor Z P Bazant published two days after the WTC destructions 911 a theory that was adopted by the authorities as true. The Bazant analysis is that if prolonged heating caused the majority of columns of a single floor to lose their load carrying capacity, the whole tower is doomed. Bazant suggests that upper part C then one way crushes down the tower in five stages as illustrated by Fig. 2.1.1 below from the Bazant paper! Upper part C remains intact all the time! The WTC 1 collapse can be seen here! Compare it with the following:

Stage 1: The conflagration, caused by the aircraft fuel spilled into the structure, causes the steel of the columns to be exposed to sustained temperatures apparently (!) exceeding 800° C.

Stage 2: At such temperatures, structural steel suffers a decrease of yield strength ... This leads to creep buckling of columns which consequently lose (!) their load carrying capacity!

Stage 3 (Crush-down starts): Once more than half of the columns in the critical floor (floors 94-95 of WTC1) that is heated most suffer buckling, the weight of the upper part of the structure above this floor can no longer be supported, and so the upper part starts falling down onto the lower part below the critical floor (floor 95 of WTC1), gathering speed (!) until it impacts (!) the lower part (floor 94 of WTC1).

At that moment, the upper part has acquired an enormous (!) kinetic energy and a significant (!) downward velocity.

Note the emotional words used and that upper part C is assumed intact and aligned with the structure below.

(Colors by the writer + end Stages 6-8 added)

Fig. 2.1.1 - from Bazant

Stage 4: The vertical impact of the mass of the upper part C onto the lower part applies enormous (!) vertical dynamic load on the underlying structure, far exceeding its load capacity (!), even though it is not heated.

Note that upper part C is still assumed intact and aligned with the structure below. Evidently not seen on the video pictures above, where nothing happens there, while the upper part C is compressed.

Stage 5: This causes failure of an underlying multifloor segment of the tower, in which the failure of the connections of the floor-carrying trusses to the columns is either accompanied or quickly followed by buckling of the core columns and overall buckling of the framed tube (i.e. the wall columns), with the buckles probably (!) spanning the height of many floors, and the upper part possibly getting wedged inside an emptied lower part of the framed tube! The buckling is initially plastic but quickly leads to fracture in the plastic hinges.

Note that upper part C is still assumed intact and aligned with the structure below.

Stage 6 (Collapse): The part of building lying beneath is then impacted again (!) by an even larger (!) mass falling with a greater (!) velocity and the series of impacts (!) and failures then proceeds all the way down.

Are any further impacts seen on the videos? The upper part must then still be assumed intact and aligned with the structure below all the time to end of collapse. The extra mass below is all rubble! Can it really impact again?

Most assumptions and conclusions in stages 1-5 are not correct and the Bazant dramatic stage 6 is not possible.

Stage 7: Upper part is destroyed in a crush-up by rubble below!

Stage 8: Rubble finally spreads out on ground. More ...

There is no time table in the Bazant analysis and no explanations why the roof drops and the uppermost part of WTC1 above floor 100 disintegrates 3 seconds before Stage 3, floor 95 hitting floor 94, is supposed to take place, the latter never seen on any videos. To assume that the upper part C is intact and aligned with the structure below during the complete collapse is not serious.

Actually, the upper part , intact, rigid and of uniform density at start of collapse, should according to Bazant's theory remain INTACT after the global collapse at end of Stage 6 ... on top of all rubble the upper part C has produced of the lower structure. Nothing could destroy a rigid upper part C of uniform density - not even the final impact with the ground forgetting that the rubble is there to dampen the final impact. The lack of the upper part C on top of the rubble after collapse proves Bazant wrong.

It will be shown in this article that most assumptions and conclusions in stages 1-5 are not correct and that the Bazant stage 6 is not possible. To assume that the upper part is intact and aligned with the structure below, during, ... and after! ... the complete destruction of the bottom part is not serious. Actually, the whole theory of Bazant is nonsense! Bazant treats the WTC-tower as a uniform line (!) that gets shorter when impacted by a bit of the same line (the top of the building) from above by gravity. But the line is not uniform! It is 100 times stronger at the bottom than the top. The small top would just bounce on the big bottom in a serious analysis. Bazant is not serious! He supports the conspirators. Strange world.


3.1 Tower structure - a bird cage

Fig. 3.2.1 - Outer wall mesh of columns/spandrels like a bird cage

The structural design of the World Trade Center Twin Towers is very simple as its very lightweight steel framework is similar to a box shaped bird cage in which human beings are working. Most skyscrapers or office towers in the world are built according similar principles. None has ever globally collapsed in seconds before or after 911 except WTC 1, 2 and 7. More ...


4.1 Collapse scenario and cause of collapse - buckled columns - lack of evidence

From NIST report - NISTNCSTAR1-6D chapter 5.2 - we learn:

"The aircraft impacted the north wall of WTC 1 at 8:46 a.m. … between Floor 93 and Floor 98. … The subsequent fires weakened structural subsystems, including the core columns, floors and exterior walls. The core displaced downward … At 100 min (at 10:28:18), the north, east, and west walls at Floor 98 carried 7 percent, 35 percent and 30 percent more gravity load loads … and the south wall and the core carried about 7 percent and 20 percent less loads, respectively., … At 10.28 a.m., 102 min after the aircraft impact, WTC1 began to collapse. … The release of potential energy due to downward movement of the building mass above the buckled columns exceeded the strain energy that could be absorbed by the structure. Global collapse ensued."

From chapter 5.3 we learn:

"The aircraft … impacted the south wall of WTC 2 at 9.03 a.m. … between Floor 78 and Floor 84. … (9:59 am) … The release of potential energy due to downward movement of the building mass above the buckled columns exceeded the strain energy that could be absorbed by the structure. Global collapse ensued."

Note that the two Towers collapsed for exactly the same cause: The release of potential energy due to downward movement of the building mass above the buckled columns exceeded the strain energy that could be absorbed by the structure.

If the column does not deflect or crumple up, there is no downward movement of the mass above and thus no release of potential energy. And no impact! More ...


5.1 Arrangements at floors 94-98 of WTC 1

Let's look at WTC1 and floors 94-98 - the initiation zone. Total area of each floor is about 4 000 m².

The total mass of the upper part is as follows:

Steel wall columns

1 500 tons

4.5 %

Steel core columns

0 900 tons


Steel floor trusses

3 000 tons


Concrete floors

23 000 tons


Windows and misc.

4 600 tons



33 000 tons


Note that less than 8% of the mass is steel in the supporting columns and that as much as 70% is concrete. If this mass filled the total volume of the building above the initiation zone (190.000 m3), the uniform density would be 0.18 ton/m3 or the density of cotton! You could say that a big bale of cotton (mass above) rested on the structure below!

This mass is carried about 50/50 by walls and core.

The mass above the walls at floors 94-98 is thus about 16 500 tons supported by 236 wall columns (total cross area 3.54 m²). Therefore each wall column on average supports 70 tons. The compressive stress in the wall column at floors 94-98 with cross area 150 cm² is thus abt 467 kgs/cm² or 46 MPa or 18.8% of the yield stress (abt 248 MPa) of the steel.

The mass above the core is also 16 500 tons supported by the 47 core columns with total area 2.1 m². On average each core column carries abt 351 tons so the average compression is 786 kgs/cm² or 78 MPa or 31.7% of yield.
More ...


6.1 The towers were built very strong in the 1960's

The above is a clear indication how the Towers were originally built by serious architects and engineers in the 1960's. Compressive static stresses in the columns were less than 1/3 of the yield stress of the steel before (obviously) ... and after serious damage (not so obvious but shown here)! The buckling stress of the column is virtually the same as the yield stress as the columns were arranged with spandrels. One reason why the static stresses were so low was that the designers had no access to computers to optimize (slender down) the construction. Manual calculations were done and to be on the safe side you added steel and built strong! And steel was quite cheap at that time. And US steel was good quality. The assumed yield stress 248 MPa was probably much higher in reality. NIST never checked the yield stress of the steel from the initiation zone in the rubble!

There was therefore plenty redundancy. A plane may crash into the bird cage and nothing happens. A big fire may break out and nothing happens. Why? Because the normal compressive stress in the supporting vertical structure is so low and if any column breaks or buckles, its load is transmitted to adjacent columns via the spandrels and the stress in adjacent columns increase a little. No global collapse is possible under any circumstances.

Evidently the columns got stronger (thicker plates, steel with higher yield stress) further down when the 'mass above' increases, but it is certain that the compressive stresses in the Towers never exceed 1/3 of the yield stress. Same applies for the buckling stresses. More ...


7.1 No release of potential energy due to downward movement - influence of heat

The mass/load above a column evidently compresses it. The column acts as a spring. As long as the compressive stress is less than yield stress, the compression is elastic and hardly noticeable. As seen above the actual compressive stresses were only <30% of yield stress and it is assumed this was common practice in steel tower construction in US and elsewhere in the 60's.

How is the yield stress of steel affected by heat? In this writer's opinion it is not affected very much at about 500°C. This is confirmed by any fire test - the test chamber and what's in it never collapses due to the heat inside up to 1000°C. The heat inside is normally by kerosene set on fire.

Applied to WTC1 what you would expect due to a fire around the core columns is that they only compress and that their cross areas expand due to heat and the downward movement of the core is a few centimeters! It may put some extra tension in the floor trusses and their bolted connections pulling the perimeter walls inwards a few centimeters - and that is all! The wall perimeter columns, 80% of them are intact and free of soot and marks of fire as shown on many videos and subject to little heat as they are cooled by fresh air, will then further stabilize the core.

NIST does not calculate the amount of potential energy released due to downward movement in their report, which is therefore incomplete. The simple reason is that no potential energy is released. In fact, no downward movement of a mass above is even possible due to heat inside the cage and there should be no sudden release of potential energy. The potential energy is absorbed as elastic and plastic compression/deformation.

But let's assume that potential energy is released vertically as all low stressed columns wall/core collapse simultaneously and are removed allowing a free drop.

When 33 000 tons of upper part mass above in WTC1 falls down 3.7 meters due to gravity and crushes all the columns abt 340 kWh of energy is produced by gravity and a fair part of that energy is consumed to crush the columns.

It is in fact a very strange release of potential energy due to alleged downward movement of an upper part mass above! The wall columns at the initiation zone did not buckle, deform or crumple up, when the mass above (the roof) has allegedly been falling down for 4-5 seconds.

In order to establish what happened to WTC1 we need to know two times for two events that allegedly occurred: the time Tcause, when the potential energy was released due to all columns in the initiation zone collapsing simultaneously, i.e. the time of the cause of the disaster, and the time Teffect when this energy was applied to the structure below at an impact, i.e. the time of the effect. NIST and Z P Bazant do not advise these times.

NIST and Bazant talk about an upper solid, rigid part above the initiation zone that suddenly falls down as a hammer and causes global collapse! There are many videos of the WTC1 incident but NIST and Bazant never show us the famous upper part at times Tcause (hammer/upper part starts to fall) and Teffect (hammer/upper part hits)!

You wonder why NIST and Bazant cannot show us in their reports a time table for the 33 000 tons upper part and its potential energy first initiating and then producing global collapse. It seems that the upper part is disappearing (!) at Teffect and a few seconds later before global collapse of the structure below starts. There is no evidence that an impact between upper and lower columns occur! More ... 

While reflecting about this lack of easy to understand photo evidence in the official reports and university papers ...


8.1 Let's do a model test!

The purpose of the model test is to establish the stiffness of the table leg pipes (the columns of the initiation zone) under heat and to see if suddenly, at, e.g. temperature 500° C, the mass above (luckily most water in this test for children) drops down, at a significant speed and with an enormous kinetic energy, and impacts on the cement floor with an enormous dynamic load.

Or does nothing of that sort happen? Maybe the table legs will just bulge. You will find out (the latter)! More ...


9.1 Elastic strain energy absorbed by primary structure below and its compression

It should thus be clear that the only primary structure below our wall cage bars are the wall cage bars and it is very easy to calculate what elastic strain energy they can absorb before plastic deformation and rupture when any of them is compressed above 30% of yield stress.

The total strain energy our wall and core columns and attached spandrels and floors can absorb is evidently the energy required to first strain them to 100% yield - the elastic strain energy - and second to plastically deform, buckle or rip them apart - the buckle or rupture strain energy. In order to rip a column apart, the stresses in the structure must exceed the rupture/break stress of the steel that is much higher than the yield or buckling stress.

This compression is evidently in the elastic range of the 'spring' and takes place when it is completely unloaded!

Another 'expert', K. A. Seffen, in a paper 'Progressive Collapse of the World Trade Centre: a Simple Analysis' suggests that the potential energy released by the mass above - the upper part - resulted in dynamical "over-loading" of the undamaged lower columns by a factor of 30 (!) compared to their static load capacity at impact and transmits it to the structure - 'spring' - below and shakes it into pieces. How is that possible?

K A Seffen, like Bazant, thus suggests that during gravity driven collapse a tower of height L and uniform density ro consists of three parts, when it has lost aL of its height:

1. A rigid upper part lL that is rigid and intact and perfectly aligned with the columns below all the time during collapse.

2. A moving intermediate block bL between the upper part and a crush front that apparently consist of semi-broken parts and produces a crush front, actually 280+ crush fronts that are perfectly applied to the 280+ columns at every stage of the collapse.

3. A static lower, intact part (1-a-b-l)L below the crush front that produces resistance to motion. It is in fact only the 280+ columns that produces resistance ... if a load is actually applied on them from above.

l is constant during the collapse, which is not observed during the WTC collapses.

Actually the static lower, intact part (1-a-b-l)L below the crush front is complex structure that gets stronger further down as it supports all structure/mass above. K.A. Seffen completely ignores that the big lower, intact part gets stronger further down and cannot be crushed from above by anything. The lowest bottom part is 100 times stronger than the top part! It appears that K.A. Seffen is a supporter of conspirators! MI5/6 should investigate!


Fig. 9.1.1 - Fig. 4 of Seffen's paper. The upper part of height lL with uniform density 0.18 ton/m3 - a bale of cotton - is supposed to be intact above the 'crush-front' throughout the collapse.
What b is, is completely incomprehensible but should be 0 just before impact at t = 0 and then be variable until the collapse is completed at t = t(end), thus b is a function of time t.

How the uniform density ro behaves between t = 0 and t = t(end) is also a mystery. It is evidently assumed constant in the rigid upper part and lower, intact part, but what about density ro of the intermediate block bL?

Apparently the original uniform density ro increases in the bL part according Seffen during collapse - to another uniform density as a function of time - a new phenomenon!

Photos of the WTC collapses show that material, dust and smoke are pushed outwards at high speed of the intermediate block, which is not explained by Seffen. There cannot be any uniform density of any type in this area of damaged core columns and falling off walls.

Thus - during collapse according Seffen a rigid upper part lL floats on a mysterious intermediate block bL of broken, compressed material with a uniform (?) density that increases >600% with time that in turn floats on the lower, intact part below a strange crush front. It is quite magic actually and could only have been invented by a blind scientist in an ivory tower to support terrorism. No mention that the columns must be perfectly aligned. The WTC 1 collapse can be seen here! Does anybody see a rigid upper part of height lL driving the collapse?

These are the fake assumptions of K.A. Seffen! That (1) the tower has uniform density ro, while it is not uniform at all, (2) the upper part begins to accelerate downwards as a rigid undamaged body with uniform density ro= 0.18 ton/m3, while it is seen to self-destruct, (3) that the initial load imposed onto the structure beneath was exceptionally high, while it was only that of a big bale of cotton, and (4) that the damage, no new damage seen of course in the smoke, was bound (??) to propagate. Alignment of columns is conveniently forgotten.

You wonder what kind of structure bL is? Solid? No! Damaged? Yes! How is the upper part connected and aligned with the undamaged structure below via the mysterious structure bL zone?

As shown in 7.7 the upper part disappears, implodes before it even reaches the floor below to impinge it, and, if it impinged, it should only bounce! But according to Seffen the upper part drives the collapse.

You need kinetic energy, KE, for that and it can only be provided by an intact, rigid, uniform density upper part that remains intact, rigid, with uniform density during the whole destruction of the lower structure. The upper part is the only part that can provide KE during the alleged global collapse. The lower structure does not add any extra KE to the collapse or contribute to the collapse - it is being destroyed (lack of strain energy according NIST).

Fig. 9.1.2

Actually, the upper part, intact, rigid and of uniform density at start of collapse, should according to Seffen's theory also remain INTACT after the global collapse ... on top of all rubble the upper part has produced of the structure below. Nothing could destroy a rigid upper part of uniform density - not even the final impact with the ground forgetting that the rubble is there to dampen the final impact. The lack of the upper part on top of the intermediate block bL rubble after collapse proves Seffen wrong.

That is one reason why there is no figure of final collapse in Fig. 4 (9.1.1) above! It should evidently show the upper part on top of the rubble of the intermediate block bL then resting on ground as in figure left! You can easily calculate the uniform density of that rubble heap!

Anyway - the density of the tower was not uniform! We are not talking about an avalanche, are we?

The only gravity driven collapses known to mankind are snow or soil avalanches (or similar), i.e. an
upper part with uniform density of snow/soil that gets lose on a slope due to the gravity force exceeding the friction between the upper part and ground. In spite of its low uniform density the upper part is pretty stiff during the collapse that starts at an initiation zone in the snow. Then the upper part releases potential energy and pushes a lot of snow in front of it (same density as the upper part) that piles up and compresses in the crush zone (density is increased there but the strain energy is small - snowflakes!) until it runs out of potential energy ... and the upper part is compressed. Evidently lose snow is thrown up in the air, when the crush zone advances down the slope.

Such a snow avalanche has nothing in common with the WTC1 collapse, even if the upper part of WTC1 had a uniform density similar to that of compressed snow (180 kgs/m3) that sticks together - snow crystals interacting. But this is what the authorities and university professors want us to believe. More ...


10.1 Elastic strain energy of the mass/primary structure/block above

NIST or Bazant or Seffen does not consider the elastic strain energy of the primary structure and attached masses above or the upper part. It is in fact another 'spring'! It consists of a number of solid weights - the floors - connected to columns - each a 'spring'. Such a contraption is evidently not rigid or solid as assumed by NIST, Bazant and Seffen and in the unlikely case that it actually drops down free fall on a structure below, it will only transmit a sequence of energy pulses divided by finite times, each of which cannot overload the structure below. Furthermore, this upper part multiple 'springs' contraption is not very solid. It implodes before it can do any harm! More ...


11.1 The hammer and the nail

NIST, Bazant and Seffen suggest that the mass above, the upper part, acts as a rigid, solid hammer (and not a spring) that multiple hits and/or stays in contact with the structure below - the nail - even if it is not evident from any pictures above - the upper part disappears before global collapse starts!

It must also be recalled that the upper part hammer is not really a hammer - it is more like a spring or a bale of cotton (!) and you evidently do not use a bale of cotton as a hammer. Or like a child jumping in a bed! And it is not certain that the hammer even hits the nail.

It is more likely that it misses the nail because the mass above is misaligned with the structure below when the connecting columns in the initiation zone allegedly are broken. And who has heard of nail that breaks up in 1000's of pieces when it is hit by a hammer? Normally the nail just bends ... and the hammer hits something else! A thumb? And does the picture right look like a hammer hitting a nail? Or the result of some children jumping on a bed? It is taken a few seconds after the hammer hit!


11.2 The floors falling down - upper part not rigid!

NIST has been informed about the above and suggests lamely in its FAQ Update December 2007 that no hammer - upper part - hits a nail! Instead 6 or 11 secondary structure floors hanging on the walls and core columns in the upper part above the initiation zone fell down and caused the global collapse that ensued. The upper part was not rigid after all. All the connecting bolts of the floors above suddenly gave way and overloaded the first floor in the initiation zone as the floors above piled up on it.

But how and why would 6 or 11 floors in the initiation zone and above suddenly drop down? Does anybody believe that? Does the picture right look like some floors falling down?

On the video and pictures above we see that the roof falls before any floors and that the upper part disappears!

Fig. 11.1.1 - WTC 1 7 seconds after collapse initiation. Is the solid, upper part really there? The energy required to create the fountain of debris, dust and smoke exceeds the release of potential energy by a factor of 1000! What you see is ridiculous! Prove me wrong and win Euro 1. 000 000:- (Note - photo is fake!)

In the writer's view the picture above looks as if a bomb has hit the tower with enormous energy, structural joints vaporize and mass murder is committed (but that is beside the topic of this article). And where did the
upper part go? More ...

This means that we can conclude the following:


12 Conclusions

The Twin Towers structure was very simple and its primary structure wall and core columns can be likened to steel bars in a bird cage full of air ... and humans. The compressive stress in the bird cage bars due to mass incl. floor loads is very small (<30% of yield stress). The towers' structure was very strong!

You can heat up the bars under compression in the cage to, say 500°C, and nothing dramatic happens and particularly not that the bird cage suddenly collapses in 1000's of pieces. The stress in a 500° C heated column may increase to 40% of yield. It will not buckle due to that. As soon as the fire moves away to another area the column cools again. Local deformation may take place. But in this article we assume that the upper part gets detached and suddenly falls down on the bottom part; release of potential energy.

NIST has not produced any "buckled" columns of the initiation zones, be it bent 180° or crumpled up, that would have produced downward motion and release of potential energy. We are talking about 566 columns that must have "buckled" for the effect ... and none is presented as evidence that potential energy was released for that cause. But it is assumed here anyway.

The suggestion that the tower cages collapsed due to release of potential energy of a rigid upper part at an unknown time Tcause exceeding the total strain energy of the cage structure in the initiation zone and later below after an impact at time Teffect is not demonstrated by NIST, Z P Bazant and Seffen and not supported by any evidence what so ever or any serious structural analysis. Simple calculations show that the potential energy released in such a case would only elastically strain the structure temporarily. The picture above does not show a global collapse due to floors falling down or a hammer hitting a nail ... or a child jumping on a mattress in a bed!

Impossible cause of global collapse according NIST

"The release of potential energy due to downward movement of the building mass above the buckled columns exceeded the strain energy that could be absorbed by the structure. Global collapse ensued."

upper part and it's mass above - 80% concrete and glass and lose furniture, etc - is not rigid or solid and immediately breaks up in small pieces and cannot put any big load on the steel structure below as the velocity is too small and should be arrested or just fall straight down outside the building. Live videos, forensic evidence, show furthermore that the mass above - the upper part - actually disintegrates (!) when the wall columns at the initiation zone are still intact. The total energy actually applied to the primary structure below is then very small and the elastic strain energy of the steel structure, i.e. the columns, is sufficient to absorb that energy. No buckling, rupture or global collapse can ever ensue. We are not talking about an avalanche.

Reason why a steel building cannot collapse due to release of potential energy is, in simple terms, that the potential energy will mainly be applied to secondary structure - the floors - that will be overloaded and detached from the primary structure - the columns! The potential energy will then be deflected and will not be applied to the primary structure ... that will remain intact! The collapse is arrested.

That is one reason why there are no figures of final collapse in Fig. 2.1.1 (Bazant) and Fig. 9.2.1 (Seffen) above! It should evidently show the upper part on top of the rubble then resting on ground!

Nothing could destroy a rigid block of uniform density - not even the final impact with the ground forgetting that the rubble is there to dampen the final impact. The lack of the upper part on top of the intermediate block bL rubble after collapse proves Bazant and Seffen wrong.

OK, OK - Bazant has added it later - see left - on a comic style sketch! But still - intermediate block bL rubble after collapse (e) destroys the upper part (f). Magic.

Bazant and Seffen are supporting terrorism.

Right we see another (fake) photo of WTC1/2 a few days after destructions. Smoke is still coming from the rubble. Some bottom parts of walls are still standing to impress people. That's where the towers were standing. But there is very little rubble seen around the remaining walls!

And evidently there is no upper part on top of the intermediate block bL rubble after collapses!

Reason is that the photo right is also fake as all other photos of the rubble! To fool people.

Because FBI, FEMA, NIST and other authorities couldn't show the real rubble (that showed that the towers were destroyed from bottom up resulting in two huge piles of concrete floors and wall panels ... and no bottom parts of walls).

It is kindly recommended that NIST, Z P Bazant and K A Seffen correct their reports and make an improved timetable, analysis and explanation why global collapse as shown in the forensic evidence actually ensued as the proposed sequences of events and causes do not tally. Do this for the sake of your children. And tell us ... what happened to the upper part!

Anders Björkman, M.Sc. Heiwa Co, Beausoleil, France

A more detailed analysis of same sort is by Mark H Gaffney and recommended for the advanced reader.

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Fig. 12.1.1 - WTC 1 and 2 a few days after destructions with smoke still escaping. A is WTC2 with south and west bottom part walls still standing. B is WTC1 with north bottom part wall still standing. Very little rubble is seen. (Note - photo is a fake!)

Or just watch this!

Remember: A smaller (weaker) top part of an isotropic or composite 3-D structure, when dropped on and impacting a greater (stronger) bottom part of same structure by gravity, cannot one-way crush down the greater bottom part of the structure producing a fountain of debris. Only Hollywood film animators can produce such impossible crush downs ... on film ... in support of terrorism.


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The 911-report and the CIA Torture report written by members of the U.S. Congress can be read free of charge on the net. I review the reports here. Interesting reading. One POTUS encouraged 2001 the CIA to use torture to find out how terrorists are brainwashed to terrorize (CIA failed!) and another POTUS ordered 2011 the top terrorist to be murdered, so we would never know what really happened. In 2001 the first POTUS also decided to fake that skyscrapers collapse from the top!